Las Vegas is Nevada’s most populous place. Consequently, any trip to Sin City will mean plenty of sunglassed-eyes focused on you. Among the countless glittering lights and majestic monuments, being able to stand out may seem like a challenge. Thankfully, haute couture is still la mode, and its unique tailoring is winning over hearts from the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Mahal.

Floral Frock

It is a true challenge to know if your look is complete without the proper centerpiece. Dazzling jewels at the neckline or a color-blocking bag are keen starts, but we must get back to basics: the competition in luxury fashion during the Renaissance in Italy comes to mind. Among the ornate, fluted skirts and silky, puffy sleeves is an art of stunning flower embroidery. Dolce and Gabbana’s Alta Moda collection emulated the Italian art tradition of millefiori. Translated into English, this name means a thousand flowers. The Dolce & Gabbana choice to exhibit nature’s innate beauty addresses a growing societal concern: the heightened awareness of one’s mortality. To offset the weight of this knowledge, these designer clothes perform the dual function of giving people their due flowers while they can still smell them. Some examples of flowery frocks to flit through the Vegas villas include:

•      geometric patterns of pansies

•      abstract landscape prints

•      gowns adorned in silk petals

•      pastel tulip skirts

•      ribboned baby doll dresses

Transparent Layers

There is a beautiful aesthetic that comes with weaving sheer and multi-colored fabric betwixt and atop one another. Donatella Versace proposed a collection of translucent, stitched, and stacked pairings recently in the summer of 2021. The underwater utopia motif makes the colors quite daring but the matching of modern basics at varying lengths with exposed underthings is captivating. The Versace costumes continue to redefine the parameters of undergarments in the 21st century. Bra straps and hip girdles are just as much a part of one’s wardrobe as a smart blazer and relaxed-denim pants. Plus, the translucent and shimmery garment decorations add more substance for the eye to take in. The interest that the textile art creates will distinguish you from even the most well-recognized fashionistas.

Victorian Inspiration

Since the time of antiquity, royals served as inspiration for what was in style. Today, Prada is doing its level best to provide royal treatment for its customers in the form of minimalist dress trains. Millions around the world make it their business to attentively watch the extravagant betrothals of the dynastic elite. Why not bring a little of that experience to your personal strut with a sweeping train down the chapel aisle or even just for an evening at the Hardrock. It will be hard to go unnoticed in a simplified, yet, deconstructed train, whether it descends from the shoulders like a cape or trails down from a mini skirt. Even Elvis Presley will be saying, “Uh-huh!”

Ergonomic Shoes

Obnoxiously painful footwear may be the latest item for which the fashion house couturiers will find a substitute. Instead of modernizing an existing technology, Gucci invented a new textile for its ecologically-conscious supporters, a proprietary product called Demetra. Some of its touted benefits include being 100% animal-friendly, as no animals were harmed to provide the sourced materials. The use of this one-of-a-kind material is also in the works for wallets, handbags, and outerwear possibilities. The basketball shoewear, in particular, has additional quintessential streetwear qualities. The multiple colorways come previously distressed and the wearer’s ankle will find safety in the high-top nature of the shoe’s structure.

Rendering your own fashion show on the desert catwalks of Nevada is plenty easy by keeping one’s eyes and ears open for the latest haute couture innovations. Select the one that resonates with your personal style and, at the elected hour, choose to flaunt it all.