Be a fountain of holistic energy:

We’ve been avidly following Sophie Jaffe’s (aka “Philosophie Mama”) incredible healthy lifestyle blog. The certified Raw Food Nutritionist, Raw Food Chef, Yoga instructor and personal trainer, she makes something that could seem daunting—like detox regimens and eating 100% raw, vegan food—into a totally accessible, joyous activity. More than just sage advice, Sophie makes it easy for her readers to take these ideas home and incorporate them into their lives in a real, concrete way. Case and point are the fabulous superfood powders that she has created under very her own brand, Philosphie.


Understanding that so much of the food we eat today has lost its original nourishing power due to mineral depletion in the soil and other consequences of mass production, Sophie has crafted three powders to help us return to getting the “supercharged magic” of the best plant based materials on earth. These superfood powders support everything from balancing energy levels, to weight loss, to dramatic healing from all sorts of ailments. We love that you can easily add them not only to the obvious (but delicious) smoothies, but also use them in baking, soups, and just about anywhere you might want to sneak in a blast of nutritional power. Philosophie Mama has a wealth of recipe ideas that will keep you deeply energized and satisfied in a way that you probably never dreamed possible.

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Quell the fire in your belly:

Now, here’s something we can really get on board with. Considering the now prevalent use of artisanal and house made bitters in all of the best mixology bars in the city, it’s no great conceptual leap to go back to the roots of what bitters originally were intended for. Originally the intense herbal infusions were concocted to fortify the system and invigorate health – it just was a happy accident that they made cocktails taste so wonderful and complex.

Taking these original principles, Urban Moonshine, a small family business based in Burlington, Vermont is devoted to rekindling the relationship between herbal medicine and the modern world. The result is a product line of hand crafted bitters and inventive tonics that embody beauty, simplicity and the best quality, organic ingredients.


A few dashes of bitters in club soda is a classic bartender’s cure for the upset stomach of a hangover, and Urban Moonshine’s Original Bitters, with their wonderful balance of aromatics, certainly has a way of quelling indigestion nearly instantly. (Adding it to a cocktail, by the way, is also an excellent idea—the fine product shines beautifully.)

We are huge fans of their line of inventive tonics and concoctions formulated for specific functions. Immune Zoom combines organic elderberries, echinacea and raw honey to fend off the nastiness that can creep up when we’re feeling run down. However, to combat our chances of getting run down, we are partial to the Organic Energy Tonic which harnesses adaptogenic herbs as protectors from the harmful effects of stress and the lovely Organic Joy Tonic, which restores a positive mental attitude, promoting a relaxed feeling when overwhelmed or overworked.

True to their ideals of inspiring people toward balancing their relationship to health and the world around them, the company is also deeply committed to the world around it. Urban Moonshine admirably supports local farmers, cuts down on waste, and utilizes green alternatives in everyday use of resources and packaging.

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Lubricate that rusty metabolism:

Void of trans or hydrogenated fats, immune system strengthening, and recognized contributor to an overall healthy metabolism, coconut oil is recognized by doctors, researchers, and nutrition gurus as “the healthiest oil on earth.” Of the myriad out there, Carrington Farms’ pure, 100% organic, unrefined coconut oil is probably our favorite on the market for its incredible integrity and taste.


Plus, they’ve recently released a conveniently packaged 12 oz container of coconut oil, allowing consumers to experience the healthy and delicious benefits of the highest quality coconut oil while easily incorporating it into everyday cooking as a replacement to unhealthy oils, butters, and fats. We also love that Carrington Farms has been making delicious, 100% organic, non-genetically modified Health Food Products accessible to nutrition-conscious consumers around the United States for well over a decade.

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Aronia berry istock

Be impervious to subway germs:

We’ve recently been introduced to the aroniaberry, one of the most potent super foods that still remains under the radar. Similar to a black current, the intensely flavored little berry is also an intensely concentrated source of disease-fighting  antioxidants. How intense? Think more than three times the antioxidants of blueberries and goji berries. In fact, no other superfood out there can compete when it comes to the aronia’s ability to prevent oxidative stress and cell damage.

Though the aroniaberry ranks number one as nature’s antioxidant powerhouse among dozens of fruits, vegetables, and juices tested for the antioxidant capacity, few people know about the incredible little berry, and fewer know how to come by it. We love the Superberries line of aroniaberry products, which make the super food available in the form of frozen whole berries, 100% pure aroniaberry concentrate (a full seven pounds of berries in each bottle!), and conveniently packaged aroniaberry gummy chews which make a fantastic grab and go energizing snack.

product_aronia_lg_new product_gummy

Superberries® is a brand of health and wellness products inspired by the unparalleled health and wellness benefits of the aroniaberry, Superberries® began in a small store in Omaha, Nebraska, and spurred by word-of-mouth marketing from consumers who became “Berry Believers,” the business quickly took off from there.

– Ava Fedorov