Georges Chakra started off his Fall/Winter 2010 Collection with a series of shorter dresses which were angular and very structured.  The lines of the seams drew your attention to the form of the body, which even from far away you could tell the construction was very purposeful.

Slowly but surely, lace was being introduced in the outfits, a prevalent trend that has been emerging on a lot of runways this season.  First with lace gloves, then with lace insets, and even a lace overlay cape (to keep you warm with all the holes?  See image below).  The more rigid and structured outfits, like suit blazers and high collars, gave a hint of masculinity, but were blended with some feminine details, like plunging necklines, exposed backs, and the occasional ruffle.

A burst of red emerged from the runway and everyone gasped.  It definitely had a strong impact on the audience!  The gowns flowed down the runway elegantly, and even more impressive were the models wearing jackets who had to strut down the runway while “casually” removing their jacket, revealing more of the gown underneath.  With all the hip-jutting, keeping a stern face, watching to not trip over those sky-high heels, it’s a wonder how these models flawless pulled of such difficult maneuvers making it seem effortless!


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Photos by Getty Images, via Coutorture.com.



Feb 13th - Georges Chakra