Groove Armada (4)

Though it was a little messy getting in (mostly due to the irresponsible advertising of GBH), once inside the swank lounge of the W Hotel in midtown, I was soothed by the iridescence of the blue and violet ambiance.

The cool, electronic vibe was appropriately chill, and the crowd was stylish and relaxed—reminding me of the atmosphere of Miami’s Winter Music Conference.  The gathering, put together by Om Records and W Hotel New York, was a celebration of the release of Groove Armada’s latest album, “Black Light.”

The British Duo, recording cutting-edge electronic music since 1997, has developed a huge, global following (as was evidenced in the massive line outside the W’d doors). Even so, the rather small bar/lounge space never felt too over-the-top crowded, mainting the exclusive, intimate feel of a small, but very high profile, party.

A series of DJ’s spin the prefect soundtrack to the modern laid-back, lux setting, setting the stage for the main act.  When Groove Armada came on, a ripple—like an iridescent wave—went through the crowd, bringing everything to electrified life, and taking the night to a new level.

– Ava Fedorov

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