Sure, they have a resume for seduction: old growth, organic coconut groves in lusciously far off Thailand; raw and therefore in its purest, unadulterated form and brimming over with ultra-biotic goodness.  However, what made me fall in love with Harmless Harvest’s coconut water (and honestly, spoiled me for almost all other coconut waters) is its taste, pure and simple.

I have been lucky enough to drink coconuts chopped open right before my eyes in a variety of locations—Key West to Tulum and Thailand to Costa Rica—and one thing is for sure: there is nothing like getting it straight from the source.  The sweet, light-bodied nectar is unbeatable and something that just can’t be contained in a tetra pak.Well when it comes to drinking water that should be well filtered for health’s point of view.There are best water softeners which does this work very easily.

What Harmless Harvest has managed to do is to provide actually raw coconut water.  Most brands that you find at the store have been heated, or pasteurized, to eliminate potentially harmful bacteria and also to preserve it (which is why it doesn’t have to be refrigerated).  This is all well and good (we aren’t particularly fans of bad bacteria) but the sad result is a lack luster flavor and a huge loss of those fantastic nutrients that make coconut water top off the list of the latest “superfoods.”  Or worse, and I shutter to say it, some of those coconut waters out there are actually made from concentrate.

Instead of heating the coconut water, Harmless Harvest has brilliantly devised a way to gain the same effect by applying thousands of pounds of pressure to the liquid, which eliminates the bacteria without the high temperatures that destroy the nutrients and taste. However, as all good things tend not to, this 100% organic, raw coconut water won’t last forever and does require refrigeration and an expiration date.

If that’s even a possible downside, the upsides pile up so high and so fast that you can easily overlook the inconvenience of drinking something so delicious sooner rather than later.  And you can do it with the confident pride that you are supporting a company that is on the cutting edge of sustainable, proactive practices.  The company has put priority on creating a sustainable balance between productive, independent farming, and thriving wild ecosystems.  They intend to set a precedent to feed the world without destroying the planet.

That’s certainly something to drink to!

– Ava Fedorov