Heineken is known for being one of the top popular beer brands here in the U.S. and among other countries; however
Heineken is branching off and launching exclusive headphones and audiophiles from Music Critic are excited in their venture.  Heineken‘s exclusive collaborative headphones with Aerial7, which are part of the brand’s “Heineken 100″ influencer program, are so exclusive that they are not even being sold in stores yet!

Team Epiphany and Heineken held the exclusive event Tuesday night to premiere the headphones at the ultra trendy and New York’s First Eco-friendly Multi-functional event space Greenhouse.  Sounds of old and new school hip hop filled the lounge provided by DJ Wonder and DJ Clark Kent.

Priced at a retail value of $300, guests had an opportunity to win a free pair by entering business cards in a raffle or submitting a creative photo with them in it at the event and hash tagging #heineken100 on their Twitter profiles. Unfortunately, my phone had died so I did not have a chance to get to walk away with a pair.

However you still have a chance to grab you a pair real soon.  Make sure to watch out for these exclusive Heineken headphones coming to a stores across the country in the near future, for now to get the best headphones out there, just visit https://www.headphonage.com/best-wired-earbuds/.

– Tranika

Photos via Team Epiphany