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On Monday night Hoodie Allen fans meet at The Griffin to celebrate at the release party for the much anticipated, “Crew Cuts” mix tape. As of noon today fans and Hoodie Mobs can listen to “Crew Cutsfree of charge here.

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The event was sponsored by LeSUTRA, a line of sparkling liqueurs, infused with premium vodka and a hint of white wine. Guests enjoyed complimentary cocktails, a DJ set by DJ Fresh Direct and Silver Medallion and a special sneak peak performance by Hoodie, featuring two songs of his new album, “Cake Boy” and “Fame is for Assholes.” The performance was short but intimate. Hoodie stayed after to talk to fans and pose for questions. I found Hoodie to be very congenial and genuinely nice when I spoke to him.

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Hoodie Allen is notorious amongst his fans or as they call themselves, the “Hoodie Mob” for being an enduring and charismatic performer. Before the release of his EP for “All American” Hoodie announced the night before that he would personally call every fan to thank them for buying the album. Over 30,000 signed up to receive a phone call, and Hoodie confirmed in a “Fuse” interview that he is still making phone call to make good on his promise.  (The EP “All American’ debuted at number ten on Billboard’s Top Albums in 2012.) Hoodie believes his fans experience shouldn’t be dictated by amount of money spent. That is why fans are able to sign up for the “Hoodie Mob” in their area. These individuals are assigned certain tasks to promote upcoming tours locally in ways such as handing out flyers, hanging posters and inviting friends on Facebook. They are then eligible to gain early entrance into the concert for a meet and greet and possibly free Hoodie Allen merchandise.

Hoodie instagramed the “Crew Cuts” Track list last night. Reviling his collaborations with, Chiddy, Chance the Rapper, OCD: Moosh and Twist, Skizzy Mars and G- Eazy, Jared Evan and Shwayze. Many of those artists he features were also attendees at the release party including; Prodigy (Mobb Deep), Shwayze, !llmind, DJ Fresh Direct, Silver Medallion and Jared Evan.

 DJ Fresh Direct

Silver Medallion pictured with fan

– Heather