hotel tonightLet’s face it: life is stressful, and sometimes we can all use a break. Looking for a Last minute staycation? Want to book that weekend or day trip you have been putting off? Book hand-selected hotels at great prices on your mobile device in 10 seconds at some of the top hotels in the world at amazing rates for now, tonight, or up to 7 days in advance all with the simple app, HotelTonight, available to download on iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile.

Download the easy to use app today, and make last-minute hotel reservations in the Greater New York metro area including NYC, Long Island, New Jersey (Newark, Jersey City, etc.), Connecticut (Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, and more). HotelTonight also lets you book some of the top hotels at fantastic rates. Using this simple app, you can also sort hotels that have “great bars” or hotels perfect for “spa retreats”.

HotelTonight has a lot of buzz, including being featured in USA Today, The New York Times, CNET, The Los Angeles Times, Conde Nast Traveller, Bloomberg TV, GQ, and more. CEO and Co-Founder Sam Shank states, “We built HotelTonight because we love our smartphones almost as much as we love to travel. We don’t think the big booking websites make great mobile experiences, and we feel the world needs a fresh approach – a reinvention of hotel booking for the mobile era.

hotel tonight socially superlativeMobile is about being on the go and in the moment, which is why we focus on the last-minute space – and we do it better than anyone else in the world. Hand-picked hotels, 10-second 3-tap bookings and amazing deals on rooms that would otherwise go empty.”

I tried out the app just to see how user friendly it was, and to my surprise it was actually pretty cool. And, the rates are incredibly reasonable. You can sort hotels by how high end they are, which neighborhoods they are in (i.e. Midtown, Lower East Side, Brooklyn). We like the app so much that we are willing to give you help with your first booking with $25 off using code (BOOKNYC5).

Just imagine: in 10 minutes you can receive your confirmation for a luxury hotel with a world class spa, and call in to make sure your reservation for your massage is ready. Or at the tap of your fingers you can book a spontaneous getaway to Connecticut, and be relaxing by a lake tomorrow morning. With HotelTonight, you can even book a room at the most posh hotel in New York City, and have the ultimate girls or guys night out.

This app is brought to you by the same folks behind Kayak, Excite, Groupon, CNET, NexTag, even a former assistant to Director Wes Craven! So where will you HotelTonight? The W Hotel, The Viceroy New York, or at The Standard Hotel Miami? Download the app now on the iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile stores. And don’t forget to use Socially Superlative’s special promotional code for $25 off (BOOKNYC5) your first booking!