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If you are a true New Yorker you avoid Times Square like the plague. I used to think the same about South Street Seaport, that it was only for tourists and Wall Street execs. A recent visit proved me dead wrong. My girlfriend and I were invited to check out Industry Kitchen, a restaurant and bar located literally steps away from the water’s edge. The beautiful 5,000 square-foot venue accommodates up to 300 guests with both indoor and outdoor seating, allowing gorgeous unobstructed views of the Brooklyn and Williamsburg Bridges and the Brooklyn Skyline.

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We put ourselves in the hands of our ultra-friendly server Shaq (definitely ask for him) who recommended we start with some cocktails. We chose the Wall St. Revival with tequila, lemon, cointreau, lillet rose and pineapple juice, topped with angostura bitters, and the Burling Slip with vodka, house made ginger syrup, lime juice, a splash of ginger ale, and rhubarb bitters.  They sure know how to make their cocktails at this place, as these were great!

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Shaq next recommended we try their Baked Onion Soup, which they are known for. There’s certainly a reason for it as it was absolutely delicious. I could have just ordered a huge bowl of it and jumped in, but I wanted to try some other things too so I held back.

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My girlfriend ordered their Pot of Mussels served with shallots, butter, garlic, white wine, and cilantro, and the Chargrilled Octopus & Chorizo (served in olive oil, garlic, oregano with winter potatoes). I’m not a huge mussel lover as I have my own but the chargrilled octopus and chorizo was Excellent!  If you’re a calamari lover you gotta try this. The house manager Eddie brought us out Blistered Shishito Peppers to try as he said it’s one of his favorites. I can see why as they were delicious (make sure you eat the pepper with part of the lemon peel as the pairing tastes Great!).

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We cooled down with two more expertly made cocktails before diving into our main course. I chose the sea and ordered the Grilled Miso Marinated Salmon with tomato-ginger-jalapeno-pineapple salsa, seaweed salad, and potato curl, while my partner stayed on land and ordered the wood-fired Herbed Goat Cheese pizza (arugula, goat cheese, wild mushrooms & truffle oil). We were happy with both but the salmon was my winner. It was cooked to perfection and the salsa along with it was exceptional.

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Our bellies were full at that point but our friendly server Shaq said we couldn’t leave without trying their signature dessert, the Industry Puff. It’s a decadent puff pastry with burnt sugar, ice-cream, warm dark chocolate, whipped cream and toasted almonds. You’ll need to share this with your partner or, heck, your whole dinner party, as the thing is huge! I asked Shaq if he ever witnessed just one person finishing the whole thing and he told me he watched a 10-year old boy do it. I probably could have done it back then too, but my parents would have killed me as I’d be bouncing off the walls for 3 days straight.

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My girlfriend Natalia and I really liked the food and the service was great too. Summer is nearly here and the outdoor seating with it’s exceptional views will be really popular for tourists and New Yorkers alike. They have a nice looking bar too which we’ll definitely be having a few drinks at next time we’re at the Seaport.

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For those cinephiles among you if you don’t already know there’s a new iPic movie theater just a few short blocks away. The theater is nice and the seats great but the food, well, you don’t go to the movies for the food. DEFINITELY come to the Industry Kitchen to get your grub on before the show and then have a few cocktails after – at least that’s what we’re gonna do next time we head to the movies.

– Michael Riegelman

Industry Kitchen
70 South Street
between Maiden Lane & Pine Street
New York, NY  10005

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Industry Kitchen, the restaurant that brought you the 2K pizza, is excited to introduce five new, seasonal pizzas to their menu throughout the month of May. These pizzas will be tagged with a more approachable price point and embrace ingredients that are in peak-season such as asparagus, summer squash and peas. The unique flavor combinations will have your tastebuds thanking you bite after bite!

Photos by Asia Coladner and by Socially Superlative