Day 6 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center and I’m taking in the runway show of Jen Kao as she unveils her Fall 2011 collection in The Studio.

The amazing red-lit dragon-tail inspired runway set definitely caught my eye as I’m sure t also caught the eye of some front-runnners around me; those being Co-founder and Style Director of CND, Jan Arnold as well as New York-based fashion designer, Aurelia Cotton and DJ/actress/nylon reporter Becka Diamond.


There was an explosion of … COLOR … right from the get-go with Ajak and Wang Xiao coming down the runway;  the former wearing a Tributary Printed Jersey Blazer, Ink Silk & Lure Fringe Tiered Minidress, Dewdrop Tights, Ultraviolet Gill Platform Wedge Boots and Gold Grasshopper Filigree Rings with Bolder Opal Settings, while the latter wearing a Tributary Printed Cat-Lizard Satin Tee with Fire Lure Fringe, Technicolor Lure Fringe Miniskirt, Dewdrop Tights and Ultraviolet Gill Platform Wedge Boots.

From the show press release:  “A color palette of acid rainbows:  Plush greens reinvent teals and blues.  Flashes of saturated purples and pinks.  Touches of thermal yellows and nuclear oranges are borderline toxic, while muddy greys and inks create a landscape for a fiery-hued spectrum.  All in rich silks, jerseys, metallics, fancy tweeds, and shape-shifting leathers.”

Crazy colors turned moreso to shear then subdued, back to color explosion with a little bit of dimming down at the end … it was quite the magical ride that we were all taken on.

With wedge boots on all the models, a few pieces caught my eye.  Yulia walking down the runway in an incredible Gold Crocheted Blazer with Gold Crocheted Flare Skirt, Dewdrop Bodysuit and, of course, the Ultraviolet Gill Platform Wedge Boots and also Alex wearing an Amethyst Kangaroo, yup Kangaroo, Tiered Sleeve Blazer, Metallic Tanzanite Minidress, Dewdrop Tights, Ultraviolet Gill Platform Wedge Boots, Gold Grasshopper Filigree Anklet with Boulder Opal Settings, Gold Spiracle Armbands and a Metallic Lime Luna Moth Clutch.


Backstage wasn’t as crazy as others I’ve been at this season but Jen was busy being interviewed and accepting warranted congratulatory greetings. I definitely enjoyed both my time at the show as well as what I saw walking down the runway. Great job to Jen and her whole team!

– Mike J

Photo Credits:  Mike Coppola and Frazer Harrison / Getty Images North America  via and Mike J