Last night at the Milk Studio, we were all anxiously awaited for the show to commence and it was surely worth the wait as the show opened up with models strolling down the hand-painted sand runway to Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”. 

Jen Kao’s presentation was about the eerie romanticism as these girls wandered in the desert in an altered state to find the man of their dreams- a concept of zombie girls finding their desert princes.  And so it seems, as the show started off with this stunning white organza tiered gown- both poetic and romantic.


These girls with their beautiful make up and sleeked back-combed hair, donned on beautifully crafted pieces with a collection of earth tones palette from dusty greens, creams, browns, rose hue to blue prints.  Her collection encompasses these dreamy looks ranging from her lacey crochets tops and silk/ lace chiffon featured soft dresses, to structural organza dresses to a flowly and billowy silks accompanied with macramé foot wraps.  

– Tiffany


Images via NY Mag