What better way to celebrate your centennial anniversary than to pamper your guests with champagne, shower them with chocolate jewels and have a sink that flows out Belgium chocolate on display? Just ask Neuhaus – Belgium chocolate, and inventors of the Praline – just celebrated its 100th Anniversary of Praline with the launch of their dazzling “Precious Collection” on Thursday, October 18th at their New York flagship store on 500 Madison Avenue. A toast to Pralines!

Guests were spoiled with diamonds and jewels, made of the highest quality, luxury Belgium chocolate. With an overflow of chocolate gems, attendees were able to indulge in Neuhaus’ “Precious Collection” chocolate jewels while learning more about the 100 years of praline, dipping pralines and raising the glass, cheering with some bubbly.

It was an intimate soiree, personally hosted by Neuhaus CEO, Jos Linkens, and his team who flew from Belgium to join in the celebration and toast to continuing success.

Jewels and chocolates are my weakness, yesterday I bought a virgo ring which i definitely recommend, you can choose your sign and the material of the piece and of course I got a box of chocolates for my way home. Treating myself to having both at the same time, both luxuries, was a delightful, ‘chocolately’ sinful dream made realty. Now, with the launch of luxury Belgian chocolatier Neuhaus’ “Precious Collection” quality jewels and fine chocolate come together to make an exquisite line ready to rival the likes of Cartier and Tiffany & Co. only in this case, you can eat the diamonds!

The inspiration behind the new Precious Collection comes from the timeless beauty and elegance of the gems that these pralines emulate. Diamonds, pearls, rubies, and other jewels sparkle as milk and dark chocolate in this collection that is presented in a beautiful box and shopping bag designed specifically for the centennial anniversary celebration and collection.

Precious Collection:

Glamour – The design of this praline draws inspiration from the tufted interior of the finest jewelry boxes and even resembles the Precious box itself. Glamour consists of a fine layer of intense dark chocolate covered in a classic “praliné à l’ancienne,” with a velvety smooth flavor and surprising texture, thanks to pieces of hazelnut.

Divine – Crafted into the perfect form of the half moon, this praline draws inspiration from the Moonstone gem, a unique stone that reflects light in a distinctive shimmering phenomenon known as adularescence. Divine consists of a subtle fusion of soft caramel covered in milk chocolate and enriched with pieces of Piedmont hazelnuts.

Rubis – Extra dark chocolate robes the Rubis and aims to emulate the deep red found in a ruby gemstone. Crafted in the shape of a precious ruby stone with a thousand and one facets, the praline is filled with a ganache made of dark chocolate from Papua New Guinea and has an intense, rich aroma.

*Perle – The pearl is put on a pedestal with this elegant praline. Inspired by the pearl, the jewel of the ocean, the Perle praline’s ganache gives off the aromas of an Italian Ristretto coffee and is dipped in dark, intense chocolate.

Jade – Created in the likeness of a pear-shaped diamond, the Jade praline resembles a beautifully cut precious stone =that would fit in the collections of Harry Winston or Bvlgari. The perfect chocolate bite marries the smoothness of milk chocolate with a ganache of honey and adds a crunch with pieces of walnut.

* Indicates the Socially Superlative Fave!

– Anaisable