Omigod! Chuck Bass!!”

… is what I heard hundreds of girls screaming in the basement of Bloomingdale’s.  Crowded around to wait for the young, hunky British Ed Westwick make an appearance for K-Swiss, I nearly died amid the throngs of excitable underage girls wanting to throw themselves at the Gossip Girl stud.

In the Menswear department of the 59th Street location, Mr. Bass donned a pair of brilliantly white K-Swiss sneakers and a scruffy beard while allowing himself to be photographed by adoring fans.  With his new shoes, he was able to properly host a dance-off celebration, and even graciously took photos with the first 50 people who made K-Swiss purchases.

Color me jealous.  And I am even more envious of his co-star/real life girlfriend, Vanessa/Jessica Szohr, and alleviated my depression by making a huge dent in my Bloomingdale’s credit card immediately following the photo shoot.


Photos from gallery via JustJared, see additional coverage here!