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On June 26th, I attended the luncheon at La Marina for Nolcha Fashion Week. It was an event to introduce some of the things we can expect for the next fashion week coming up in September.

The lunch was held at La Marina in Inwood. A beautiful place which has some of the best views in Manhattan. La Marina was to be opened last year during fall, but because of Hurricane Sandy they were set back and were able to open up for their costumers under new management in April. An exciting up and coming place for us living up town.

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Nolcha Fashion Week presented four very different designers for their little taste of what we can expect when Fashion Week comes around. Bags, watches, t-shirts and dresses were represented so as wide a range as possible.

The watches were the newly established House of Horology who just started their business in September. Their main goal of their brand is to create watches that can be dressed up and down and have all of the best functions a watch can have while still being fashionable.

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The bags were Homanz who manages to take an interesting twist to bags by placing handles on the big clutches for a different way of carrying the bag and the wallets they make are extremely organized and suited very well for the busy woman that has a lot to keep under control. Colorful and feminine style that will be interesting to follow.

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The Vanity Project presented their T-shirts and hoodies with fun logos and interesting words. I was ready to buy one; the owner was very popular during the luncheon and for good reason. The t-shirts and hoodies were inspirational and had a clear statement.

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The dresses were made by the beautiful designer Mariana Valentina. They looked beautiful and there was a careful design to looking comfortable and making the one wearing the dress look effortlessly gorgeous as any designer hopes to strive for with that kind of esthetics.

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The day was a great success with great drinks and good company all around.

– Line B.