September 18th:On the rooftop of their 5th Avenue store, Lord & Taylor celebrated their Black Brown 1826 collection with GQ and Jeremy Piven at their side.Officially announced on Sept. 4th, they began merchandising the new label in their store windows during Fashion Week. From suiting to casual wear, this new line feature styles crafted to make your man extra studly.

Coming out of the elevator in a long hallway, there was a platform with 10 (+ or – a few) intimidatingly good looking men decked out in Black Brown outfits.Guests had to walk by the models to get to the party, so I awkwardly gawked at them as I walked by.

GQ displayed a large blow-up poster of their October 2008 cover with Megan Fox while guests roamed around the roof and wandered to the open bar.Presumably members of the retail and fashion industry, guests were dressed to the nines, polished in dresses and powerhouse suits.

Everyone was casually conversing until Entourage’s Jeremy Piven* emerged, and then flocks of people swarmed to him.I stayed on the sidelines while Mo snapped a few photos of him – but with Mo’s encouragement, I used my birthday as an excuse as a photo opp with him.Though he probably though I was a babbling fanatic, he graciously obliged to pose awkwardly with me, and I scampered away fanning myself.

I downed the rest of my vodka-tonic and called it a successful night.


*Editors Note: Piven agreed to have his picture taken by a bevy of blondes and was observed looking at one as if he was looking at a roast beef sandwich