2.14.2010 - Lorick Fall 2010 Presentation (23)

Lorick by Abigail Lorick held her Fall/Winter 2010 Collection presentation at the Union Square Ballroom, entitled Anges et Cocons.

A line of fifteen beautiful girls took to the stage, enduring the bright lights and camera flashes.  Against a white backdrop, the presentation was “inspired by silhouettes as the show engaged viewers through playful shadows and intricate lighting.”

As one of the stylist on the ever-popular Gossip Girl, Lorick brought the same youthful grace from the show to her own line, complete with headbands, feathers, and elegant jewelry.  The shinning, glittering tights were an added bonus!

There were only a few stools out on the presentations so the models rotated during the show to give their long legs a rest.  But standing or seated, they remained in character for the whole presentation, interacting with one another or posing extra poutily when they knew their photos were being taken.  So cheeky, those models!


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2.14.2010 - Lorick Fall 2010 Presentation (17)

2.14.2010 - Lorick Fall 2010 Presentation (20)