When you go see your favorite sports team in 2020 you also see a sea of masks. They’re everywhere now. In fact, when you see someone without a mask, they’re the ones who actually look odd. Since masks are here to stay for an indefinite amount of time, people are using this as a chance to make a statement with their face masks. Read on to learn more. 

Face Masks Promote a Sports Team

Whether you’re a Red Sox fan or a Gaiter’s fan, there’s a face mask for you. From football to soccer to baseball, you can find your team’s name and logo on a face mask. Really, the mask is just another extension of what you wear so promoting a sports team makes sense. Ohio State masks are just one example of this. 

Face Masks Promote a Political Party

We recently went through an election and people choose to wear face masks promoting their favorite candidate, whether Trump or Biden. There was typically a sea of red Trump masks at his rallies. With the election over, however, we may see more of a push to simply promote a political party rather than an actual candidate. However, Trump supporters do like to promote their loyalty, which may continue into next year and beyond. 

Face Masks Promote a Cause

With Black Lives Matter and social justice a hot topic right now, many people are using face masks to promote a cause. From saving the environment to raising awareness about racial tension, people are still having a voice thanks to these unique, cause-worthy face masks. There are also face masks that give back. When you purchase a certain face mask, some or all of the proceeds go to a particular charity or cause. You can feel good wearing these face masks.  

Face Masks as a Fashion Statement

Besides promoting something you feel strongly about, face masks also serve as a fashion statement. We’re seeing less and less surgical masks and more “designer” masks that either promote a cause, candidate, or sports team or are just plain fancy. Of course, there’s the much-needed black mask that goes with everything, but people are also choosing to wear masks with intricate designs and additions, like jewels or fringe. 

Face Masks Made at Home

Some people are even opting to make a statement by creating their own works of art face masks. These creative, affordable, and environmentally friendly DIY face masks are a great way to really make an individual statement. 

Since masks are here to stay, it makes sense to have a good supply on hand. Keeping a box of disposable masks is a good idea, but it’s also a good idea to have a collection of masks like the ones listed above. This way, you’ll have one for every day of the week and for every mood you find yourself in. Cloth masks, whether made at home or bought from a retailer, are a good way to reduce your carbon footprint. Reusable, washable cloth masks are more environmentally friendly.