‘Biding starts at $200, do I hear $250? $300? $500? How much would a lady pay for a successful, eligible bachelor in NYC?’

Single ladies were out on the prowl to bid on some of New York City’s top eligible bachelors to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society last Wednesday, June 6th. Hosted by Manthropy and Cheek’d at Toshi’s Living Room at The Flatiron Hotel, this ticketed event featured 14 of the islands’ most successful, single gentlemen who offered themselves to be auctioned to help raise money for the evening’s philanthropic cause. Tables were set up with their photo framed, short bio and bidding sheet, starting at $200.


As a single bachelorette in the city, I was impressed with some of their background and appearances as I saw them relish women checking them out from the crowd throughout the evening. From bankers to CEOs being auctioned out – women in the room were lining up to read up on their resumes and drop heavy cash for their chance at love, while not feeling too guilty since it was a charitable contribution.

Guests enjoyed a soiree sipping on delish summer cocktails courtesy of Karisson’s Vodka. Special guests included America’s Top Matchmaker Janis Spindel and DJ Spin Diesel. The evening raised more than $5,000 and the most expensive bachelor turned out to cost $500. All auctions included an all inclusive, paid dinner date with the bachelor.

– Anaisabel

Photos by Adriana Vecc