My day as a socialite began as I took in the Michael Kors Spring 2011 runway show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  A “Sunshine State of Mind” melded into my New York state of mind as I sat right across from U.S. Vogue editor Anna Wintour and 27-time Grand Slam tennis champion Serena Williams.  Others whom I saw taking whom I saw were Donald and Melania Trump, actress Rashida Jones, sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a very pregnant Nina Garcia, the mom herself Joan Kors, author Virginia Smith and Grace Coddington, Creative Director for U.S. Vogue.


As the show started, with the bass and crowd pumped up, we were met by a duo in white linen; model Karmen Pedaru in a white linen gauze pullover with matching sarong while Simon was wearing a white linen gauze blazer, over tank, with the matching trouser.  The two models set the stage for the Michael Kors spring collection which was one of relaxation and waviness with a touch of luxe. 

Michael Kors manages to bring back the trench coat into a time of fun and sun instead of the usual rainy affair during Fall/Winter collections. With relaxed pantsuits for both guys and girls and the un-tucked shirts, he makes it luxurious with his light-brown leather belts, sandals and bags.


Even though the colors white and light-brown set the overall tone for the collection, Michael still manages to sneak in some bright colors such as green, yellow, pink and purple for a little eye-popping pick-me-up.  His choice of fabric is filled with juxtapositions as he matches hemp with silk and leather with soft linen.   It’s like the zinnias, irises and daffodils, as he describes in his show notes introduction, meets the ruff edges of the urban city.

With 64 looks in all, this was the largest show of the week for me and the only designer who I saw to make TOTAL use of the “U” style runway-setup having all models walking, without stopping ever, completely down AND back along BOTH verticals.  In my line of sight, throughout most of the show, there were 8 models, at any one time, strutting in a continuous stream of Korsian elegance, fluidity and style.


Backstage after the show, it was all smiles, hugs and congratulations as well as Michael Kors himself, correctly guessing that my name had to also be Michael after I told him that he had the best first name
ever.  Models were getting their hair “undone”, flash bulbs were going off left and right and the mood, mixed with a big sigh of relief for a show gone very well, was jovial all around.  Everyone party tonight,
or maybe for the rest of this week, cause soon someone will utter the words … Ok, so what’s next for the Fall Collection?

What a way to start my day … the glitz, the glam, the celebs and a little something from the craft services table.

Thanks, Michael … see you in February  ( oh … and on Project Runway later tonight ).

– Mike J

Photo Credits:  Yannis Vlamos /  (via, Getty
  (via and Mike J