November 18th:
Admittedly, I was one of those loud, screeching tweens when it came to concerts for bands that I love.  Fast-foward to now, eons later: I’m one of those boring old people who stand in the back, sipping on their $12 beer, creepily watching from behind.  It’s been a while since I’ve been to a concert, and though I’m sure I looked totally lame, I was earnestly into 3Oh!3. What, never heard of them??!  You must be old, then: get with it.

3Oh!3, comprised of Nathaniel Motte (Nat) and Sean Foreman, headlined for the MySpace Music tour at the Blender Theater here in New York. An eclectic blend of hip hop beats and electro-funk effects, rap intermixed with singing, and choreographed flailing with heavy metal head banging, 3Oh!3 put on a fantastically energetic show with songs from their first self-titled album and their most current album, Want. Hailing from Colorado, the part with area code 303 (get it??), these boys created their trademark 3Oh!3 handsign that the crowd threw up when appropriate – meaning pretty much during every chorus to every song.

After the show, swarms of fans (re: girls) waited eagerly downstairs by the stage exit for a photo opp, and Nat and Sean came out with a video camera of their own.  Even on the subway ride home, a few groupies proudly donned their freshly purchased shirts and danced while I nursed the ringing in my ears.

Recently back from their summer on the Vans Warped Tour, they are now touring with Innerpartysystem and The Chain Gang of 1974 through mid-December.  Soon they’ll be gearing up for touring again in the Spring, this time in Europe with Katy Perry.  You can find their songs on iTunes, where they were featured on the iTunes Store page, so check out their videos first.

It’s good to know rock stars.


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