Norman Ambrose’s Spring/Summer 2012 Ready-to-Wear fashion was parallel to that of the sun rising in the east. The collection, which can be seen next at Fashion Week in Houston, began with classic noir black with gold tones, creating a magnificent metallic sheen. Slowly, it morphed into silver sparkling pieces, as if the dawn was glinting off of the ocean, followed by the collection rising to brilliant shades of blush, then coral as the runway struck high noon.



Tailored suits and brocade dresses with keyhole necklines were offset by flowy, elegant evening gowns. The look that led to gasps throughout the audience was a gold brocade halter jumpsuit capped off with a truly fantastic golden glass beaded bolero.



Turquoise beaded accents complemented nicely to the latter coral pieces, a combination that’s perfect for summer.



Twenty-two million dollars worth of Verdura jewels accessorized his St. Tropez chic collection, which was inspired by the “sun glistening on the Mediterranean like a sea of diamonds…”

Not for the timid, the Norman Ambrose woman of Summer 2012 is exotic and independent, and not afraid to swim in her diamonds.

– Brittny Drye


Click through the gallery below for even more looks!  Images via NY Mag.