It was a night of contrast at the Odyn Vovk Spring/Summer 2010 runway show.  Kicking off Fashion Week Spring 2010 early on September 9th, 2009, the show was held at St. Marks Church in the East Village where black was the color of choice for the many men and women eagerly awaiting entrance into the venue.

From the view outside, one may have assumed there was a funeral procession about to take place.  In fact, an elderly man sitting on a nearby bench was quite surprised when I informed him that the line was for a designer’s new collection.

At first unsure as to whether St. Marks was an appropriate venue choice for this collection, my doubts were quickly washed away.  As guests took their seats, the lights went down and calming Celtic music filled the air.  For a brief moment, one may have forgotten they were at an Odyn Vovk show, and actually thought they were at a religious service.

The room was quiet, peaceful, and calm.  Once the lights turned on, the first model made his way down the runway, dressed in an elephant hide and denim vest and canvas slit overlook trousers. The blank white walls inside the church emphasized the dark colors and dramatic designs displayed in Sherbanenko’s collection.

The overall vibe was very street savvy, with layered tops, cape-like jackets, and loose fitting pants.  Chains, slicked-back hair, dark make-up, and body tattoos completed the unique gothic esthetic of Odyn Vovk.  Despite the messy appearance of many of the garments, the construction of the pieces were noticeable well-done.  Mixing leather, cotton, and suede pieces, all done in dark colored fabrics, highlighted the extraordinary detail in each garment.

Everyday trends such as wearing a baseball cap, necklace, leggings, and jeans served as integral parts of the overall design concept.  Each piece in the collection was dramatic, yet very wearable.  Fans of Odyn Vovk seem to appreciate being able to dress in clothes that are not only comfortable to wear, but self-expressive.  Several audience members agreed that each piece was relatable to an everyday look.  The outfits all had an overall dramatic appearance; yet individual touches allow wearers to make the clothes reflect their own personal style.

The theme for Odyn Vovk‘s Spring/Summer 2010 collection was ”Confined Translation.”  The clothes aim to depict past events in relation to the urban and environmental influences seen in nature.  Odyn Vovk is a Ukrainian work meaning “One Wolf.”  As stated in the program, the name reflects “cunning, wisdom, searching, dreams, magic, transformation, death, rebirth, and protection.”

Austin Sherbanenko, the Los Angeles based designer, is very up-and coming in the fashion world.  Still a young brand, Odyn Vovk already has a faithful fan base and strong following.  From the positive reactions from his show last night, it looks like Sherbanenko is on the right path for more recognition in the fashion industry.

– Megan McDonough

Pieces on the runway included:

Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons
Goatskin Leather shirt
Buffalo Canvas bakpac
Combo calf-hide and denim jacket
Nascha painted vintage ivory and white lamb neckpiece
Waxed kangaroo leather shirt
Hand-dyed cure tee
Tiska vintage ivory pigskin breastplate
Racer waxed calf vest