On Sunday October 7th I went to the Pamper Me Fabulous bazaar that I thought would be a fun girlish event for me and my friend. From what I read on their website I was careful to not have too many preconceptions on what the day would bring and what the event would be like, but I did expect some kind of pampering.


When my girlfriend and I entered the building we were greeted by two hunks with the smeared message, “Pamper Me Fab.” That message made me think that it was going to be cupcakes, shoes, makeovers, and reading the website, I knew there also would be some exercise tasters but unfortunately it was only for Zumba from Z Club NY. The idea of exercise tasters was brilliant but I wish that there would have been different exercise options so you could get an idea of what the options would be for you out there.

It seemed to me you paid to go to a place where you could buy things and that was not what I expected at all. I had expected more. I know that there were three different kinds of drinks available from Godiva, Hpnotiq and Vitaminwater. There were a few options of being pampered be it a mini massage from Finger Lakes School of Massage, tarot reading, try on creams from StriVecTin or Dermalogica or get your makeup redone. Also, there were jewelers and vendors present such as BonBon Jewelry, Ali Grace Jewelry, Doolittle Jewelry, Into Jewels, Paulette’s Wearable Art and NYLA Star.

There were a lot of other different stores, such as a photographer, Windau Photography, who offered a retouched portrait if you signed up on his website and liked him on Facebook, the offer was supposedly luring because the line was the longest in the house.

-Line B.