The self-appointed ‘Queen of Media’ Perez Hilton himself threw a concert last night at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom and luckily Socially Superlative was there to witness the night’s musical acts, all in which Perez handpicked himself, for the special night!

Perez came out to greet the crowd in his Snooki-inspired sunglasses and greeted the packed ballroom.  Things got off to a fist pumping start with MTV’s Jersey Shore star and now a famous DJ, DJ Pauly D, stepped out with his full blow-out hairstyle and had people fist pumping to tunes of Rihanna and Jay Z, and of course some House music.

The first singer to perform goes by the name Anjulie – and to be honest I found her whole performance boring.  She’s a petite thing and she came out wearing a silk robe and pants similar to what a boxer wears before stepping in the ring. Her two background dancers were nice but I didn’t see the point in their all black outfits and bright green wigs.  Anjulie sounded like a preteen and I couldn’t get into her music while she sang songs like ‘Brand New Bitch’ and ‘Boom’.  Let’s just say I sat down during most of her performance and I was glad when it was over.

Following her was a tall slender blonde, who I’m sure she easily gets compared to Barbie. Her name is Iggy Azalea and by the looks of her you might think she may be a pop star or the next Pussycat Doll but don’t let the face fool you! She’s a hip hop artist and is originally from Australia but now resides in Los Angeles.  Her flow matches that of other famous hip hop artists relevant today and I found out she just recently dropped her mix tape, Ignorant Art.

The next act, Karmin, I had never heard of before, but they were for me hands down the best act of the night! Their videos are quite popular on YouTube getting millions of hits (@KarminCovers). As I noticed a keyboard setting up and then I see a hipster-looking duo walk out. A woman with brown retro curled hair picks up a guitar and I automatically assumed and thought “Oh no folk music”. I can pretty much say I had to eat my own words as the duo started to spit out a cover of rapper Nicki Minaj’s ‘Superbass’ I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. Not only did they wake the crowd up but they have a new fan in me! And to be quite frank she sounded better than Nicki Minaj (just my opinion). They also went on to do covers of Chris Brown’s ‘Look At Me Now’ and Katy Perry’sFirework’.

Perez definitely saved the best acts for last with Boyz II Men and Mary J Blige.  I had never seen either of them in concert and they definitely both were worth the wait. Boyz II Men performed first (notably only 3 out of the 4 group members showed up: Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris, and Shawn Shockman) but the crowd didn’t seem to care. They sang their classics ‘Motown Philly’ and one of my favorites ‘I’ll Make Love To You’, in which the gentlemen passed out roses to woman in the audience. They also sang some new tunes off their upcoming new album.

Last but not least the Queen of Hip Hop and R&B Ms. Mary J Blige herself came out rocking a full leather, one armed body suit which she looked FAB! She also sang her classics as well as new songs and her voice was

Other notables include Richie Rich, Caitlin Moe, Mia Moretti, Sonja Morgan, and DJ Mike Nouveau.  Sponsored include: OpenSky, Music Choice’s SWRV TV, Brita FilterForGood Music Project, SOUL by Ludacris, popchips, ZICO: Pure Coconut Water, TY KU, UV Vodka, Asahi Beer, and BlogAds.

Perez definitely out did himself with this concert series and he also did it for a good cause. Aligned with Spirit Day, 100% of the ticket sale proceeds went to the GLSEN (the Gay Lesbian & Straight Education Network), an organization for students, parents and teachers focused on ensuring a safe environment in schools.

Great music for a great cause!

– Tranika

Photos via Wire Image