“Summertime in the Hamptons!” is what I immediately thought of after viewing Kristen & Alexandra’s Porter Grey Spring 2012 Collection. I had the absolute pleasure attending the 9:30 am presentation held at Lincoln Center for New York Fashion week.
I  knew about Porter Grey since last fashion week but this was my first time viewing their collection up close.  As each model lined up one by one, followed by a fantastic summer feel soundtrack blazing in the background which included the charming new song “Our Deal” by Best Coast. It set the entire mood of this collection. “Beach meets downtown girl” I was writing down notes and taking picture after picture, when I noticed a particular look that was my favorite. The skirt but-not typical-skirt look is in. The key items they showcased were colorful oxfords and tailored made shorts and dresses. One item that really caught my attention were the sparkly mini skirt and dress!  Soft, baby colors, and flower prints were showcased on the models. Expect to see more prints and bright soft colors  featured during New York Fashion Week.
40 minutes had passed, when I asked the lovely & vibrant designers what was their inspiration behind the Spring 2012 collection. Hilarity and fun ensue after the O’Neil sisters could not pick between the two to answer the question. After a brief cute moment, Alexandra answered that “When Kristen and I were little we used to share a room together, and the room was literally covered in prints, wallpapers, lampshades and curtains. So we really wanted to try to achieve that look by mixing  different prints together. We interpreted a little bit, made it a little bigger and newer. And I think we definitely achieved that.”
That they did.
The collection is a beautiful, well tailored and smartly constructed pieces that we all can wear and interpreted to our each individual personal styles. With that said, Congrats to Kristen and Alexandra on a great collection!
My favorite looks below:
– Christine Shepherd
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Images from Wireimage and Christine Shepherd.