You may remember Laz from playing the villainous Fenix Rise from the hit Fast and the Furious 4. Or you either have seen him from the theatrical release, “Jumping the Broom”  and the gritty crime-drama Breakout Kings on A&E.

Born Lazaro “Laz” Alonso, raised in Washington D.C., graduated from Howard University, moved to NYC to start a versatile career in Film/Television and Music which then led him to L.A and as they say, The rest is history.  A truly nice, gifted actor who came from humble beginnings and on his way to movie star stardom.

Below are a series of questions I asked Mr. Alonso. Where we discussed his role in Breakout Kings, his favorite hot spot and dream co-stars.

Thanks for taking the time today for this interview!

Laz: Thank you for having me! My pleasure.

First and Foremost, Congrats on your first nomination!

Nominated for your work in Jumping the Broom at The 2011 BET Awards. (Best Actor)

Laz: Thank you. It feels good.

Where were you when you first heard the news?

Laz: I was actually at home when I first heard the news.  It feels good to be nominated. I am excited and very blessed! With this nomination, I think that everything has come full circle. I started my career on BET. So, this is truly a blessing. I am very grateful!

I am sure there will be plenty of more nominations for you in the future!

Laz: Thank you very much. Appreciate the support!

You are a very versatile actor!

We all know you can play the bad guy, good guy and now the leading man.

What’s next for Laz Alonso?

Laz: I have several projects in the works. Right now, I am currently writing a script, a drama, that takes place in Haiti. Based on real events! Something on the lines of ‘Precious’; The film will also have a social message!

Social Media is very important. Especially in Today’s society!

Laz: Oh, I agree! Very important.

Who would you like to work with? Any dream co-stars?

Laz: This is a hard question (laughs)  There is so many good actors to choose from.

Anyone particular?

Laz: I do not really have an ideal co-star in general, but I would love to work with Denzel Washington, James Caan, Robert De Niro, & Johnny Depp.

You have work with admirable directors like James Cameron, Spike Lee & Justin Lin.

Which is inspiring in itself! Who’s next on your list?

Laz:  Steven Spielberg, Tony Scott and Ridley Scott. Them three are at the top of the list!

What led you to say yes to Breakout Kings. I know you received plenty of scripts! Why Breakout Kings?

Laz: In 2008, I made the decision to stop playing beneath my ability. It takes courage to say no to certain roles. When I first heard about Breakout Kings, It was during my no phase. It was also during a death in the family, The creators  Matt Olmstead and Nick Santora, believed in me so much that they waited. They waited until I was ready to get back on my feet! That spoke volumes to me.  After that, It did not take long for me to finally realized that this is the Job for me. This is who I want to work for and shoot long hours with.

What was it like playing Charlie?

Laz: It was frustrating playing Charlie in Breakout Kings. He is a straight laced man who never have any fun (laughs)

 But as an actor, Charlie helps me ‘grow’ up and see things in a bigger picture.

Who is also not define by his health problem!

Laz: I always joked that he (Charlie) have one foot in and one foot out the door!  He has flaws, he works way too hard.

He is not going to let this heart condition defines him. And in every episode,  he is running from his heart condition. He is an ex marine. When they work, they do not play.

How was filming in Toronto?

Laz: It was freezing. Very freezing. -27 degrees. It tough to shoot in Toronto, only have a few hours of daylight. But I enjoyed working in Toronto. Love the food!

What’s your favorite hot spot? A place you loved to visit over and over again.

It could be anywhere from LA to NYC!

Laz: It would have to be in  Cabo, Esperanza.  Every villa has a butler & private pool. They treat you like kings down there!

I would have to visit soon! Sounds like a fun trip in the making.

Laz: Yes, most definitely. You should!

Do you like to attend social functions? For instance: Galas, premieres, openings, etc.

Laz: Believe it or not, I do not like going out. I prefer chilling at home and cook! I am homebody (laughs)

Nothing wrong with that! You been there and done that.

Laz: Yes, been there and done that! I do not like going to clubs, either. Just a homebody!

You have a new film that is  coming out soon!  Straw Dogs, starring Kate Bosworth, James Marsden & Alexander Skarsgard.

Tell us about your character in the film.

Laz: Yes, it comes out September 16th and a little fun fact: Straw Dogs was originally supposed to come out before ‘Jumping the Broom’ but for some reason it was pushed back.

As for my character, I play Deputy John Burke,  He is the  only guy in town that has his mind right. He keeps things in order! Its a thriller.

Horror films! Would you ever consider working on a horror film?

Laz: It depends on the horror film. It’s about the story for me. If it’s a good script, then sure. (laughs)

Who is Laz ALonso in three words!

Laz: loyal, integrity and love.

Be sure to watch Breakout Kings, Sundays on A&E at 10 pm ET! You can also catch Laz in this year’s Straw Dogs at a movie theater near you on 9/16!

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