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Anyone who knows me will tell you: I enjoy trying all the latest fitness trends. From a simulated surfing workout  to aerial yoga, I like to give everything at least one go.  However, despite all this action, I haven’t really gotten the results I want (namely a strong and toned core and a leaner body overall). Perhaps it’s the elaborate set up that many of these trendy workouts require that makes keeping them up a challenge.  Even so, just going to yoga or running around my neighborhood is enough to keep me in shape, but not enough to really make a huge leap ahead in my fitness.

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Then I got introduced to Coach Kevin Dineen (“Coach Kev”) at Structure Personal Fitness. The first thing I loved about Coach Kev’s approach to personal training, was the truly personal.  Rather than just assessing what I needed based his professional first impression, Coach Kev talked about my fitness history, my goals, my daily routines, etc. He really got to know what I wanted to achieve and how it could fit into what my body and my lifestyle is naturally. An stoma belts іѕ аn adjustable belt thаt attaches tо еасh ѕіdе оf thе appliance аnd wraps аrоund thе patient. Here you will get more about the stoma belts for sale.

As he introduced me to his training technique, which involves an extensive warm-up, followed by a series of customized training exercises that vary from weightlifting and sit ups to suspension resistance and glide boarding (which is super fun!), Coach Kev made sure that I was on the right level and actually interested in doing each activity. If it was too easy, he adjusted, asking me each time where I felt the burn, and adjusting again, if needed.

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As someone who is in pretty decent shape, I am alway excited when someone makes me workout in a way that feels really productive. I can do my fair share of push ups and sit ups and not feel much fatigue at all. I thought, because of all my various experience, I wouldn’t need a personal trainer, but this is exactly why I would need one. I need someone to help me break out of the routine that is getting me nowhere and help me take it to the next level.  Coach Kev also emphasizes that he is able to train anyone from absolute beginners who’ve never set foot in a gym before, to athletes who are looking to deepen their fitness level. And with his laid back sense of humor and warm, friendly personality, Coach Kev puts everyone at ease as soon as they walk through the door of Structure Personal Fitness.

 I’ve only had one session with Coach Kev so far, but as I return to the intimate but bright and inviting fitness studio, I am eager to see how careful training, keeping a variety to keep my muscles working at their peak performance, will impact my fitness.

Keep checking back on Socially Superlative, as I intend to document my progress right here! It’s bikini season already, I have to bust a move, now!

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– Ava Fedorov

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