The Metropolis Ensemble concert REVERB at Le Poisson Rouge was sold out both nights! Every piece on the program was so different that there was something for every musical taste.

The first piece by Erin Gee featured the composer as solo vocalist. The second piece by Vivan Fung was inspired by her trips to Bali. Jakub Cipuinski’s piece incorporated electronics with The Metropolis Ensemble. Cristina Spinei’s piece, JOLT, is based on Brazilian rhythms, where she collaborated with Brazilian percussionist Meia Noite of Sergio Mendes and the Black Eyed Peas.

All three percussionists were practically dancing on stage and the orchestra was totally committed to the groove. Cristina Spinei got an overwhelming response from the audience; people enjoyed the piece and said that they would be closely following her career. Le Poisson Rouge was the perfect venue for this concert. It’s fun, informal yet elegant, and allowed the audience to enjoy the music on a personal level.

– Cristina