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The first inaugural  Golden Tier Awards took place on June 10 and honored elite international dessert professionals from every corner of the globe. Even if this was an event catered towards those in the hospitality and dessert industry, it was a perfect evening anyone who has a sweet tooth, or fangirls (or boys) over this burgeoning art.

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The evening was presented by American Cake Decorating magazine and Lisa Mansour of NY Cake. The Golden Tier Awards was the first American-hosted, international awards show of its kind and brought together pastry chefs, cake and sugar-artists, dessert professionals, authors and writers, chocolatiers, instructors, and retailers vying for a win in their category.

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Lisa Mansour, the Carrie Bradshaw of Cake Decorating was the host of this lovely evening. Fabulous from head to stilettos, Lisa and the entire Mansour family are well respected in this often tightknit industry. For her it was a dream come true to have some many talented people “not covered in sugar and chocolate” in one room supporting the field and celebrating people who often don’t get recognized.

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Being in the food business, the award show organizers did not skimp on delicious cuisine. Guests entered into the venue, The Tuck Room located at the iPic Theaters at the South Street Seaport, and were welcomed to red carpet treatment. Cocktail hour and dinner happened on the same floor and included an array of dips, a medley of meats and an ice sculpture filled to the brim with various seafood (oysters, lobster, and shrimp.)

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The on-site mixologist team set up a room that resembled potions class at Hogwarts with dried ice creating clouds of fog around two specialty cocktails and a donut infused drink. An open bar was also available with knowledgeable bartenders serving up expertly crafted beverages.

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With dresses and suits a little tighter from good food, guests were ushered into one of the luxe theaters where the award ceremony began. The judges took their jobs seriously when it came to narrowing down a winner in categories such as Excellence in Royal Icing, Wedding Cake of the Year, Pastry Chef of the Year and Outstanding Product of the Year.

Each winner was able to give a speech and insight into how they got this far in their particular craft. After all was said and done, attendees went back upstairs for have a taste of what everyone was there to celebrate – dessert. Music played into the night and everyone left in sweet spirits.

– Lauren Wire