We’re super excited about the up coming Beer Week taking place in San Francisco.  The sheer amount of events and activities squeezed into one little week is mind-blowing.  With a city so rich in historical brewing practice and modern, cutting-edge appreciation, it’s really no wonder that this party is of epic proportion.  It might be the final straw that gets you to take a break from the non-stop blizzard, catch some unseasonable sunshine and let having a “cold one”  mean something other than one more NYC day.

Here’s a message from the organizers:

SF Beer Week is really about showcasing the amazing flavors, fun, and culture of beer, and those are the types of high-quality events that your favorite breweries, restaurants, and bars are putting together. Call yourself Jacques or Jane Cousteau, because after going to a few events, you’ll find yourself quite the explorer of the species, habitat, and culture of beer (at quite a liquid depth, no less!).

Check out their website schedule to get the latest on the intoxicating line up of events:


See you there!

– Ava