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When drawing to mind the most transcendent, blissful spa treatments out there, facials don’t typically top the list. Though generally pleasant, despite the uncomfortable extractions, scrubs or the occasional tingling mask, the purpose of a good facial is more matter-of-fact: improve one’s face. If you’re looking for the best modern treatments for Cellulite Reduction, Hair Loss Restoration, Body Sculpting then go through this website.

Best clay mask 2020 clear out toxins and blemishes, increase resilience and rejuvenate our precious mug. Of course, such is the nature of the treatment and most people don’t yearn for more than these benefits from a good facial, hoping only for positive results that are, at their best, immediately noticeable and hopefully last longer than bedtime.

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Most people don’t yearn for more, that is, unless they’ve been to Savor Spa.

Readers: may this serve as your fair warning: a facial treatment at Savor Spa is very likely to spoil you for all others from here on out, plus you’ll go crazy once you find all the medical spa treatments we offer. Spa Source are the manufacturer for high quality beauty facial beds/chairs/tables and by dealing with them you will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your facial tables/beds.

To be sure, I’ve been lucky enough to receive more than my fair share of facials at some of the most luxurious spas across the world. Which just goes to show you, size doesn’t actually matter when it comes to spas, and all the bells and whistles don’t really do much for the actual treatments, themselves. In the end, no matter what door you walked in, you are reclining in a chair or on a table: just you and your therapist/aesthetician. A spa, therefore, is ultimately only as good as its staff.

 Savor Spa Beauty Bar

Savor Spa, located on a quaint stretch of 11th street in the West Village might be diminutive, but it is nothing short of world-class. In fact, the quality of the treatments, the sincere warmth and personalized attentiveness of the staff, and the incredible organic Om Aroma & Co products, nearly make it a wonderful world all its own.

 Savor Spa Retail Wall

I had the pleasure of receiving a facial from the remarkably talented Jackie. Her deft and gentle hands administered treatments that lulled me into a blissful state of relaxation, but also delivered seriously rejuvenating results that left my skin glowing and clear, I really want to go back to get Ethos Spa, Skin & Laser Center services she told me about it and I was extremely interested.

It’s the small additions, the way that Jackie gave just a little bit extra into her work: personalizing not only the products and the treatments themselves, but even the massage while my mask set was catered to me. I would even go so far as to say that the ten minutes of targeted massage was more relaxing and therapeutic than some sixty minutes spent on a massage table have often been.

 Savor Spa Dream Treatment Room

Jackie is an innate healer, intuitive and practiced. Her recommendations were also spot-on and the Om Aroma & Co products are worthy of a West Village pilgrimage all their own. Generally, I am a skeptic, loathing when spa staff over encourage purchasing their products. Too often the products can be purchased at any old beauty shop and I always decline purchasing under these circumstances.

Savor Spa is a great exception here, too. While there is no pressure from the staff, the incredibly compelling quality and uniqueness of the small batch, organic, botanically-based products makes it hard to leave empty handed. I was delighted with experiencing these potent products throughout my facial, and loved the purity of their ingredients and the philosophy behind their products. There is nothing like the love of mother nature to really fortify and protect the skin.

Savor Spa Sinage

My stubborn side only allowed me a single purchase after my treatment, the pumpkin seed Renew serum, which I’ve been using daily since, and have noticed the marked glow that has bloomed around my face—despite this seemingly endless assault of winter.

Now, thoroughly won over by the quality and integrity of the Om brand, I am already planning on stocking up during my next visit to Savor Spa. Something that just can’t come soon enough.

– Ava Fedorov

From Savor Spa:

Savor Spa Facial and Massage Memberships — They’re pretty amazing with tons of benefits that keep customers on a regular schedule which is really the only way to get A-list skin, or truly healing massage! And the monthly rate is $139 for facials, and you can get any treatment up to a Microderm which is usually $195… pretty great!!
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