Wine Riot,” a clever play on The Clash classic, White Riot, took place this weekend at 69th Regiment Armory. And if you missed it, you missed a smashing success. Hosted by Second Glass founders, Tyler Balliet and Morgan First, pictured below, whose vision was to create a fun place to learn about wine sans the stereotypical wine snob atmosphere.

“Our goal for Wine Riot is to take the traditional snobiness out of the wine tasting event experience and to make wine more approachable for everyone. Wine Riot is all about learning about wine but having a lot of fun at the same time,” Tyler Balliet.

Mission accomplished. Wine Riot featured over 300 wines from all over the world. Guests traveled from booth to booth to sample wines and interact with vintners. While tasting, guests are encouraged to rate their favorite wines on the Second Glass app. Which proved to be handy the day after should you pull a Ron Swanson and drink all the wines.  Speaking of day after, Wine Riot also handed out free samples of Reboot for your day after drinking detox needs.

The best part of the whole event for me, most wines are under $30, and my favorite food truck Gorilla Cheese was there. And who doesn’t love a good photo booth?

Buy your tickets early next year. This year tickets sold out before the event with lines around the block to get in.

– Heather Duge

For even more photos from the event, check out the Second Glass Facebook page and their Flickr album!