Last night Secret Summer previewed some of the tricks they have up their sleeves for this weekend’s 4th Annual Farm-to-Bar event at the Foundry. Once you step inside and outside, you’re reminded just how magically whimsical the Foundry is.

Travis Keyes 1 Secret Summer Preview (4)

Guests were greeted at the door with flower crowns from Uprooted Flower Truck, who will be onsite Sunday, offering real and fake flower crowns ranging in price from $10-$30.

Once attendees entered the main space, they were coerced to adorn their bodies with sparkly temporary tattoos that will probably last past the event this weekend! The two indoor rooms highlighted different DJs with different music and outside included live music.

 Secret Summer Preview (3)

Brockman’s Gin offered up the Early of Wight cocktail, a mixture of the gin, apricot and earl grey tea. This was only one of the options they’ll be offering during the actual event. 

Blue Point Brewery showcased their cocktail concoction in conjunction with Tanteo jalapeño tequila and Umeshu Plum Wine. The drink incorporates their Blue Point Beach Plum Gose and an optional Ume (pickled plum).


Hangar 1 had our favorite cocktails of the evening, a Rose Spritzer utilizing their brand new Hangar 1 Rose Vodka and  the Lavender Lemonade, incorporating fragrant lavender into the cocktail and garnish.


Suntory Whisky TOKI had our favorite setup, where you felt transported to the Hakushu Distillery because of the decorations. We tried the cocktail incorporating matcha, but they also offered the TOKI highball, complete with a custom shaved ice cube made right in front of your eyes!


Secret Summer also featured two of the food vendors, Choripan offered grilled shrimp and steak with their Chimichurri and will also be on site for the main event with items ranging from $5-$12. San Matteo also offered up pizza slices from their oven that they have set up on site!

San Matteo

We finished the event with a nightcap from Brugal 1888 and their Brugal 1888 float and coconut water, which was the only way to end the night.


We won’t be able to sleep until Sunday we’re so excited for this event and urge anyone to buy up the last remaining tickets before it’s too late! For more information on Secret Summer or to get tickets of your own, please visit We hope to see you there!

– Stephanie Carino

Photos courtesy of Travis Keyes and Stephanie Carino