Beats pulsate through the air. Beautiful, half-naked bodies grind against each other to the tunes. Cosmic-colored lights illuminate the floor. A gigantic surreal purple tree stands nearby, drooping with flowers. Model-esque characters, who appear to be from a different world, roam the floors. Elixir-filled glasses attached to every hand.

Upon walking into this scene, you may very well have thought you entered a dream (or OD’d on acid). The Dream Side Pool Party hosted by Social Exposure Media, Voli Vodka, Jason P. Sardo, and Karin + Raoul Magazine, was held last Wednesday evening at the swanky Grace Hotel, and, for one night only, transported New Yorkers to another world.



“I wanted people to swim through a fusion of magic and enchantment, and really lose themselves in our little world,” explains Sally Golan, founder of Social Exposure Media. “Envision this as it Salvador Dali were to throw a pool party in France.”

New Yorkers were able to strip themselves of the city’s unbearable heat for the evening and plunge into an indoor pool filled with over 200 blue rubber ducks. Light installations and art created specifically for the event by Katerina Gubina, Ryan V Brennan, Nick Hayes and Kaliptus Arts adorned the walls, giving the space a fantastical feel, and Sarah Charness charmed the crowd with music played from her electric pink violin.



Guests enjoyed one hour of open bar drinks made with Voli Light, a low-calorie vodka, and a gift bag with a voucher for a free bottle at 49 Grove (up to $350 value), $25 off Y Gallery Salon, and a vibrator from Babeland.

Regardless if we went to bed that night, we all fell into a dream.

– Brittny


Scene photos by Brittny Drye; Photos of Sarah Charness by Sunny Norton