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Murray Curry Hill, aka E. 27th Street, is regarded as the go-to place for Indian cuisine in Manhattan. Little did I know that most of Indian cuisine I’ve had in my life was from the North region. My dining experience at Dosai NYC was apparently the first time I had the pleasure of experiencing authentic South Indian cuisine.

The South Indian cuisine from Dosai NYC is all vegetarian and their dishes are primarily from Tamil Nadu, a region famous for its vegetarian cuisine characterized by the use of rice, lentils and other legumes for a delicious protein-rich diet. The dishes are curated by Chef Hemnath Nagarjan, a Chennai-native, who was hand-picked by Michelin-starred Hemant Mathur, named one of the top five Indian chefs by GQ Magazine.

Together these decorated chefs put together a fantastic menu suitable for all, including vegetarians and their Kosher clientele. Our gracious host for the evening and restaurant manager, Govind, took us through their comprehensive menu.

One of their most celebrated dishes is, of course, the Dosai: a thin, crispy crepe made from lentil and rice flour. The dosai was served on a platter, rolled up and spilling over the sides, an impressive presentation. While it is delicious in its most basic form, they offer a variety of different fillings, such as the Spring Dosai which is filled with fresh vegetables, or the Saffron Dosai, where the crepe is tinged with saffron and served with jaggery and ghee (clarified butter). I personally loved the Paper Masala Dosai, which was stuffed with spiced potatoes.


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Other standout dishes were from the starters section. I loved the Puri Bhaji, which are big, poofy rounds of deep fried flour served with a spiced potato curry on the side. The fluffy bread comes out steaming hot, and there is a cathartic release when you poke it to cool it down.

I also enjoyed the Steamed Idli, which are rice and lentil cakes that resemble a denser version of an English muffin. The cakes are served with a side of sambhar, a lentil-based vegetable stew, and a variety of chutnies to dip, ranging from spicy to cooling coconut.


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For other entree dishes, try the Uttapam, which are thick rice and lentil pancakes. Get them filled with veggies, or opt for the super flavorful Onion Chili version which is baked with onions and green chilies.

With all of these intense flavors, the best way to mellow our your palette, in my opinion, is with my favorite drink of all time: mango lassi.


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If you are a newbie and completely flummoxed, go with the Thali option, which is a spread of a variety of dishes for you to experience. Each Thali platter features a curry served with rice, lentils, vegetables, sambhar, Indian pickles, raita, fresh baked bread, and dessert. A little bit of everything for you to experience with minimal decision-making! For those who seek the more mainstream Indian dishes that are typically more prevalent, Dosai also offers a North Indian menu.

The next time you’re in Murray Hill, take a culinary trip to South India with a stop at Dosai NYC. Check out their menu here!


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Dosai NYC
104 Lexington Avenue
at 27th Street
New York, NY 10016