Everything changes upon setting foot in N4 Med Spa in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Torrential rainstorms and unimaginable heat waves–no matter the circumstance it is undeniable: there is a tranquil harmony that immediately envelopes you as you walk through the door.

new-york-luxury-spa-chakra-balancing-treatment-1And it is this uniquely promising tranquillity that sets the stage for the ultra-modern meets ultra-luxurious experiences that await anyone lucky enough to walk through that door.

That the full service spa and salon offers a myriad of treatments might at first imply over ambition, with the risk of a small enterprise spreading itself too thin.  N4 Med Spa and Salon, however, miraculously manages to balance such variety with a personalized intimacy and top-notch quality, due to the dedication of its visionary founder, Doctor George (as he is known to his staff and clients). Dr. George was adamant about building the spa thoughtfully and slowly, making sure that each addition was of highest caliber, incorporating exceptionally gifted therapists and aestheticians and state of the art equipment. Being the first, and only, spa and salon of this nature in the increasingly upscale Williamsburg, Dr. George knew he had an important void to fill, and wanted to make sure the spa perfectly fit his clients fine-tuned needs.

The result of his careful and deeply invested creation is beautifully apparent in every aspect of N4 Med Spa. The sunny front room of the Spa and Salon mingles the modern industrial style of Brooklyn with earthy, soothing wood tones and accents, creating a serenely bright welcome into the space. There is also a deep emphasis on organic and all natural products incorporated into all treatments, most of which are displayed artfully in the front room, where all the nail and hair services take place.  The graceful and friendly staff will greet you immediately, and expertly guide you through the space and your appointments (or help you create a blissful on the spot itinerary).

Should you book a Spa facial or massage (and by all means, be encouraged to marvel at the wondrous variety of modern treatments available), you will be lead through a door and into the seductively relaxing back corridor, where flickering candle light and the aromas of peppermint and sage (or whatever caters to the unwinding of that particular day) immediately begin to transport you worlds away from the stresses of city life.


Of the many facial treatments available at N4 Med Spa, one of the more unique is the remarkable Hydrafacial. The cutting edge technology combines a technique similar to microdermabrasion and an oxygenating deep hydration. Without a doubt, the Hyrdafacial is a transformative experience that thoroughly detoxifies and exfoliates, revealing a luminous glow that is enhanced with nourishment and, of course, hydration.  This intensified hydration is obtainable because of the technology that allows the skin to become uniquely receptive, opening it up to a hydration that would otherwise be impossible.

Younger women, whose faces are continuously assaulted by pollution and damaging UV light, will experience an incredibly restorative and cleansing rejuvenation–immediately appearing to have the freshness of a weeklong beauty sleep. Older women will have years given back to their faces, with the plumping and soothing effect of the wonderfully penetrating hydration. Though it is recommended in a series of six treatments to produce dramatic results, just one treatment is shockingly effective.  A single treatment would be ideal for the day of a big event, to ensure a glowing, fresh-faced impression.


A fine compliment to any of the exceptional facials available at the spa is a personalized massage. Massages at the N4 Med Spa are one of the most popular treatments with good reason.  Highly trained therapists cater each massage seamlessly to the individual client, taking everything into consideration from targeted stress points to massage oil aromas addressing the requirements of the moment (on the day of a heat wave, for example, therapists will incorporate the soothing and blissfully cooling peppermint oil). The luxurious, nuanced massage will tend to your deepest tensions, drawing them out and leaving you in an utterly relaxed state.  Combine this with the rejuvenating glow of a signature facial, and your friends will think you just got back from a private island retreat (and you will feel like you actually did).

And truly, it is the personalized touch that sets N4 Med Spa and Salon apart from the rest. Though every aspect of the spa is of the highest caliber, there is the unique feeling that each treatment has been built around you, and only you. In a neighborhood that prides itself on its individual expression and personality, it is exactly this kind of individual attention that make N4 Med Spa so perfect for its Williamsburg  location.  And also makes it worth the trip from anywhere else.

– Ava Fedorov