There’s a bit of heaven in Hell’s Kitchen.

West 54th street to be exact.  At this address reside ultra-luxurious surroundings, sublime roof deck pools, and spa treatments so good that heaven seems positively decadent. This is the Mercedes Club.

Yes, there are state of the art fitness studios with the highest caliber of modern amenities. And yes, there is an array of classes that would make both yoga gurus and Olympians weak in the knees (if such a thing were possible). Noting the glistening pool deck that seems to float languidly among the skyscrapers, I am not ashamed to say that I breezed right past all of these invigorating enticements and immersed myself immediately in the serene indulgence of The Spa.


Though many high-end gyms and fitness clubs offer spa treatments, even their members will go elsewhere when seeking transcendent, rejuvenating experiences. These members, and all bliss seekers, should go no further than The Spa at the Mercedes Club. This spa, defying all preconceived notions of fitness club add-ons, has evolved into an incredible destination spa for anyone seeking exceptional treatment (lucky Mercedes Club members and non-members alike).

Any final twinges skepticism melts away, along with any tightly wound New York City stress, upon entrance into the secluded spa quarters within the club. Hushed tranquility and the relaxing aromas of alpine, lavender, and citrus immediately soothe all senses, while the variety of treatments available makes choosing how to indulge a treat all its own (and a great excuse to make return trips). For my first experience at The Spa at the Mercedes Club, I chose what I assumed to be two basic treatments: a signature facial and a 60 minute massage.  Basic, perhaps, but simple, not in the least.


The facial, performed by Nadia, was an incredible mix of soothing invigoration. Personalizing the treatment every step of the way, Nadia expertly assessed my skin, and inherently knew when to explain the procedures and when to let me zone out in spa oblivion.  Using exclusively Dermalogica products, the facial left my skin glowing and detoxified, and left me feeling fresh and ready to go back out and conquer the urban jungle.

However, before such acts of invigorated bravery, Francisco, my massage therapist, met me in The Spa’s waiting room, to gently inquire about my particular needs for this treatment. Though my answers were a bit vague—allusions to the stress of deadlines and late nights, and too much time in front of a computer screen—Francisco masterfully found every last one of the knots hidden in my back and extremities, and soothed them into utter submission.  This was hands down (excuse the expression) one of the most memorable massages I have had the pleasure of experiencing in this city.  Both theraputic and meditative, I came out of that 60 minutes feeling utterly relaxed but still incredibly lucid.

Between the transformative massage and the detoxifying facial, it’s safe to say I felt like a new woman.  And now truly ready to conquer that jungle with the relaxed confidence of a renewed being.

Of course, I might have had to put such conquering on hold at the beckoning of that deliciously refreshing roofdeck pool.  But such are the blissful hazards of The Mercedes Club.

– Ava Fedorov

Photographs courtesy of The Mercedes Club