The High Line Room at The Standard was the perfect place to present the Spring/Summer line for Suzanne Rae. The lighting coming in from both sides was filling the room with beautiful natural light that fitted perfectly with Suzanne Rae‘s collection.

Suzanne Rae‘s Spring/Summer collection was inspired by the vastness of the country’s land and especially the mid-west scenography. The clothes was filled with juxtapositions; the delicate fabric silk and chiffon paired with the raw fabric hemp, the town-boyish look that showed through the flat shoes and the little details in the clothing to the very strong feminine look with wavy, light fabrics that enhances the female features of the body and her choice of very 50’s inspired hair styling. Though the clothing is greatly inspired by the town-boyish look she manages to show femininity at its best and strongest.

The event was amazing, coordinated perfectly, had no end to the drinks or the hors d’oeuvres and the people invited seemed to enjoy the show and the event. The designer herself was mingling between the guests and it was nice to get a chance to meet her and hear about her inspirations for the collection. Though the place was perfect and the models did a great job showing off the different clothing, there is still a BUT… I understand the melancholy of her collection but the music was not melancholic; it was a bit depressing. The music had a slow pace which fitted well with the presentation. The presentation gave the guests a chance to grab one of the models and feel the clothing or have her spin around for you to get a 360 degree look, though no one made use of that opportunity.

All in all, the event, which took place on September 9, 2010 was for me one of the best I have experienced during this Fashion Week, so far.

– Line B.