IMG_1091The long and illustrious history of the Singapore Sling is as nuanced and vibrant as the drink itself. It is the perfect combination of ingredients to play homage to the intrepid cocktail creators and drinkers of yore, while spanning the globe in a single glass.

A proper sling combines a formidable amount of well-measured spirits from Sweden, England and France, and the exotic fruit juices of South East Asia—where those Swedes and Brits and other ex-pats, were discovering the pleasures of creative imbibing.


While the “classic” is a type of perfection to be counted on, like any global traveler with a wealth of perspective, there is always room for some experimentation and evolution.

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With this in mind, fast forward to Berlin 2013, where the forefront of everything cool is exuberantly sharpening its edge. It was here, last week during Bar Convent Berlin, one of the world’s largest convergences of liquor and spirits, that this age-old cocktail rose its head above the din of clinking glasses, looking as fresh and vibrant as the coolest, young Berlin hipster to have ever hit the scene.

This was thanks to Cherry Heering (one of the essential ingredients of the classic sling), and its wildly fun recipe for re-invention: the Peter F. Heering 2013 Heering Sling Competition.

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