Over 500 young adults from the NY-Metro area made their way to New York City’s Pier 83 on May 31st to spend their night on a boat! This was, however, not just an ordinary boat, you see; this was “BOUNCE BOAT”! (Imagine chimes playing.)

What is the “Bounce Boat” you ask? Well, it’s an aquatic concoction of the best night you’ve ever had out with friends, libations & dancing coupled with amazing premier DJs spinning the best house music, and breathtaking views of NYC, that all takes place on the famous Manhattan’s Circle Line decorated to take you into an ambient world of nightlife fun & bouncing beats! Ah, what could be better than that?

Max Harrington-Knopf, Michael Arnone, and Eric Gatti from Monmouth County, New Jersey are the brainchildren behind The Runaway Group and the Bounce Boat. Their idea originated from attending a Deadmau5 concert in 2010! Soon after, the trio put their ideas and passion for partying and music into action and created one of the best nightlife events to ever hit the NYC waterways.



The evening of Bounce Boat’s 2nd sail, the weather could not have been more beautiful and perfect for an evening out on the Hudson River! When approaching the pier hundreds of Bounce Boat enthusiasts were gathering, many strutting & wobbling in their 7-inch heels and standing online eagerly awaiting their night of fun. The style of dress was summer chic and eclectic with all expressing their individual styles; some in bright neons and metalics, club wear, cocktail dresses, suites, t-shirts, shorts and bikini tops. When speaking to the crowd, all were super excited to relive their fun experience from last summer’s Bounce Boat. For those who were Bounce Boat newbies, they too were pumped to experience the evening of fun a head of them. Wahoooo!!



After setting sail at half past eight the DJ’s (dBerrie, Matt Goldman, EEKO) began with great sets of house music that lasted all evening. This gave partiers aboard great reason to dance the night away. Great Bounce Boat exclusive merchandise made by Flow&Co was also being sold for guests to rock while partying. The most popular were the black and blue sunglasses that had the bounce boat logo on each lens.  I got a pair of blue ones myself.




For five hours straight NYC’s Hudson River was truly bouncing in musical form. Everyone on the boat was dancing up a storm, drinking, laughing, going crazy, and enjoying what the entire evening had to offer. As soon at the house lights went up when the boat re-docked at Chelsea Peirs, you heard a huge roar from the crowd wanting the event to continue rockin’ till the break of dawn. For those die hard Bounce Boat fans, an after party at Hudson Terrace took place, which made for an even more wild and crazy night out on the town.


Bounce Boat is the ultimate premier NYC nightlife experience- greater than your average brick and mortar nightclub – better than an ordinary sail around the city! I advise you not to miss its next voyage sometime this summer.


Dara Senders

For more information, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/BounceBoat

Photos via www.kirillwashere.com & by Dara Senders for Socially Superlative