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CoCo posing with some fans

The night began at Philip Marie, an intimate, West Village restaurant where the mood was a bit mysterious. A small group of about 20 people had gathered for a formal, three-course meal, whispering amongst each other in wonder about what curious event had brought them together. The event? Celebrating the announcement of CoCo Brown‘s trip into Space aboard a private rocketship, and thereby deeming the award-winning Adult Film Diva as the very first Porn Star in Space.

As much as this might sound like the crazy plot line for a B-grade porno–my friends, this was the real deal.

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Socially Superlative writer, Ava Fedorov, chatting with CoCo

Though the sumptuous and celebratory dinner was enjoyed by all, it was the after party that everyone was really anticipating. As deserts were cleared, we hopped in yellow cabs bound for the notorious mid town gentlemen’s club, Cheetah’s. Here, gathered around a VIP table  outfitted with brand new vodka-tequila brand, VODKILA (seriously, you can’t make this up), I was able to chat with CoCo and get a few more details about this ground-breaking, genre-bending, very real expedition beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

Only two years in the porn industry , the captivating CoCo was propelled into the spotlight, becoming one of the most famous Adult Stars in the industry. Brains and beauty, she quickly made the most of her success with her business savvy. 10 years after her retirement from the screen, and dividing her time between Los Angeles and Germany, CoCo was invited to an exclusive dinner party that would turn out to be the first round of elite invitations for tickets on a private rocket that goes just beyond the earth’s atmosphere before plunging back home. Each expedition consists of only the pilot and the “co-pilot” passenger. CoCo, a self-made star and independent woman, purchased a ticket and in doing so made history.

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Socially Superlative photographer, Jeff Owens and CoCo

Such illustrious ambitions for an already larger than life star!  And though no history was made that night at Cheetah’s, per se, all guests thoroughly enjoyed the space oddity experience, the VODKILA, and the good, er, conversation.

– Ava
Photographs by Jeff Owens for Socially Superlative

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CoCo posing with Vodkila