Wente Vineyard (12)When conjuring Northern California’s Wine Country, what comes to mind? Napa or Sonoma, most likely. Instead of making a B-line for these well-worn paths, we decided to head out for an afternoon of wine and music to Livermore—a mere 45 minutes due East from San Francisco.

In this lesser-known locale resides Wente Vineyards—the oldest continuously family owned and operated winery in America, which also just happens to have developed the most popular Chardonnay clone in California.


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Our short trek from San Francisco to the bucolic vineyards was inspired by the intriguing rumors we’d heard about The Front Porch Music Festival. Hosted by Wente Vineyards and named after The Front Porch, Karl Wente’s band (and its affinity for using porches for their practice spaces). Karl, who is also acting vintner and the 5th generation of the Wente family in the position, dreamed up the festival to encompass three core values: Music, Community, and Education.

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