Leave it to the Glamazon Diaries and Touch of Pink PR to know exactly what fashion editors and bloggers needed after a hectic fashion week: drinks, noshables, and a comfy seat to rest our stiletto-weary feet!

On Thursday, February 16th founder of the popular fashion site Makeda Saggau-Sackey hosted the media retreat at the Bowery House where attendees from various fashion and media outlets like Loehmann’s, Fashion Monitor, Kmart Fashion, KENTON Magazine, and The Fabulous Report kicked back and relaxed with Nine Walks Wine, champagne, and finger-food courtesy of Chef Katrina Cunnning.

Enjoying a few hours of rest, sustenance, and networking with the other guests was well appreciated and the retreat ended on a great note by sending attendees home with gift bags full of goodies. Mine sadly had none of the great Nine Walks Wine I had so thoroughly enjoyed at the retreat, but had AXE Anarchy Body Spray, a RumbaTime watch, NYX Cosmetics lip cream, much-needed Eyedews under-eye masks, boho-chic earrings by Stone Savant Jewelry, gift certificates for hand painted Mallory Musante Shoes, Fudge-Him! Jellybeans, Skinny Water, and Popcorners chips.

Now if only I had the time to read the Nathan Seven Scott novel from my gift bag…

Happy Relaxing,