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A towering beacon of graceful luxury, The London West Hollywood rises on the famed stretch of Sunset Boulevard that curves languidly up from Hollywood into Beverly Hills. Sitting on a relatively small footprint just behind the Viper Room (Johnny Depp’s infamous night club), the unique sophistication that resounds within the hotel is an expansive world all its own.

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Infamous dives and manicured lawns; exuberant dance clubs and bastions of haute cuisine; vintage shopping dreamlands and designer boutique meccas— that the lavishly appointed hotel perches on the edge of so many worlds certainly is reflected in the distinctly cool edge to The London’s vibe.

Walking into the sweeping lobby, bathed in a mélange of cool whites and modern design, it is difficult not to notice that the guests and staff alike are an extraordinarily good-looking group, stylish with a laid-back, friendly attitude.  And, while the hotel’s location is fabulous, it’s more than just the incredible setting that draws such a crowd.

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Yes, the panoramic views from the resplendent rooms, with their cavernously luxurious bathrooms, are enough to make you swoon. And yes, the palm-lined rooftop pool (with full 360 panoramas all its own) is such a distinctive pleasure as to nearly eclipse all other daytime pursuits. And we will also concede, that yes, the hotel restaurant not only just happens to be the namesake of a ridiculously famous celebrity chef, but also far and above lives up to that name with ridiculously decadent food.

But it is the seamlessly complete package that is the true draw of The London—the way all these incredible aspects and amenities are tied together into a beautiful, wickedly stylish ensemble.

Let us elaborate.

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Walking into our room, we were immediately drawn across its length to our balcony, where the whole of Los Angeles stretched before us, at its glittering best. Dazzled by the views, we spent many a lingering hour at this spot with a glass of California wine, savoring the delicious stillness that such vistas can yield.

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Another delightful yield would be that of the enormous bed and an incredibly good night of sleep. Truly, it is at every turn that the thoroughly pleasing design of The London is apparent—the perfect amount of modern sophistication and relaxation-inducing luxury. From the mid century furnishings, to the playfully chic room accessories, and the surprisingly rock and roll accents to the calming color tones, it seems the each detail of the space has been thoughtfully arranged to make its guests feel pampered in style.


This extends to sweeping, mod design of Gordon Ramsay, the on site restaurant. Decadently large circular booths and plush banquettes play off the delicate details that speak to the fine dining focus. Here, even breakfast makes you feel like a Hollywood starlit, experiencing the best of the best—scrambled eggs or champagne—morning until night. However, come that silky Southern California night, and a dining experience like no other awaits you at Gordon Ramsay at The London West Hollywood.


To be honest, it would be difficult to order poorly off the incredible menu, which encourages course experimentation and sharing. Thus, we recommend staying away from the prix fixe menu, as delicious as it might sound, to give yourself the leeway for sampling whatever suits your fancy in the moment. It is also advisable to save room for dessert, as the signature sticky toffee pudding is something you’ll want to savor all to yourself.

Speaking of things to savor.

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Savoring the day is taken to a whole new level (and by that we mean the rooftop level) when soaking in some Southern California sunshine poolside. Surround yourself with palm trees and beautiful views—both landscape and human—and sip a fantastic, house-designed cocktail.  You might just forget that such a thing as a New York rat race ever existed.

Cheers to vacation amnesia!

– Ava Fedorov

Photographs by Jeff Owens for Socially Superlative

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