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Last week I attended a presentation for a fantastic new concept: The Perfect Provenance. It is a museum with unique designs plus a café rolled up in one perfect concept.

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Lisa Lori is the founder of the Perfect Provenance concept and who is opening the store/museum in Greenwich, Connecticut. In a presentation of the collection, Lisa was accompanied by Rhona Stokols, the VP of Symrise Fine Fragrance who will be developing unique fragrances for Lisa’s new concept.

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The store will be located on 47 Arch Street in a lovely renovated Victorian home. The new and luxurious concept is to bring the best of the museum experience to a retail experience to our exhibitions.

The store will host 4-5 exhibitions a year while inspiring visitors to purchase the retail collection inspired by the exhibition being show. The first floor will also have a little café, where the food will be inspired by the theme of the exhibition. The coming themes will be France (from April through June), Brazil in honor of the Olympics (from July through August) and Rock & Roll Artist (from September-).

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When opening in april 2016 they will kick off with the “We’ll Always have Paris” exhibition, which celebrates the best of American and French design, food and culture.

The images shown are the products that will be for purchase, along with the organic tee shirts, linen tote bags, home fragrances, fine jewelry and the exclusive “The Smile Collection”, a luxury product to benefit Operation Smile.

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Should you live in or around Greenwich or stop by I urge you to give the new store a try. Not only will you get a new museum experience but you will support Operation Smile with your purchases from the amazing “Smile Collection”. If you are not sold yet, it was Lisa’s son who designed the logo for The Smile Collection. Lisa’s sons has a rare condition where they are unable to smile and children who suffers from this disease will need surgery to be able to smile. The money from Operation Smile goes to teddy bears given to poor children going into surgery, who needs the comfort.

Stop in and give the new fabulous store a try. For more information on The Perfect Provenance, please visit:

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