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They had us at “Ultimate Indulgence.” And with good reason.

There is no phrase that better sums up this incredible, signature treatment at La Prairie Spa, tucked inside the opulently luxurious Ritz-Carlton Central Park.

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Already tingling with the anticipation of transcendent relaxation and healing–the warm greeting of the sincerely friendly staff gives way to a quaintly decorated, intimate spa lounge and bath area with a uniquely feminine feel.  Here, with a nice variety of La Prairie products at your disposal, steam your stiff muscles into a docile state, preparing for your treatment, or merely relax in the waiting area with a glass of champagne and an entire library of music to set as your own personal soundtrack (one of the many unique customization touches at La Prairie spa).

Many women today find it difficult to carve time out of their busy schedule to get a haircut, let alone other beauty treatments. Let’s face it, women love to get pampered with facials, manicures, pedicures and hair treatments, but who of us really has the time to go from place to place to get these treatments done? You are probably like many women today who crave a little time to slip back into luxuriating in what it means to be female. Ardan is a best hair salon and spa, then you can check here for more information.

Picture yourself getting your hair done and while the color is setting, you get a neck and shoulder massage and a pedicure. What a slice of Heaven that would be!

We women are being challenged every day to accomplish more…more at our place of employment, taking the children to more social or sporting events, more errands, and less time for ourselves. We are building greater amounts of stress and taking less care of ourselves. For this reason, more day spas are offering an all encompassing spa service package.

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What follows is so good, it’s almost difficult to accurately describe – but for the sake of pampering posterity, we’ll do our best.

You are led into a softly lit room, where an exceptionally comfortable massage/treatment table awaits. Two therapists politely introduce themselves – one will administer an all natural apricot scrub, followed by a body wrap of richly textured, lavish Skin Caviar Luxe cream, to vibrantly rejuvenate your tired, winter skin. The other therapist will join in after your body is encased in a cozy wrap. At most spas, when receiving a body wrap treatment, one must be prepared to lie on a table for the allotted time, counting the minutes, or (hopefully) dozing while the magical properties of the wrap work their wonders.

During the Ultimate Indulgence, however, one therapist administers a deeply relaxing foot massage, while the other lulls you into serenity with a scalp and face massage, and you are almost left wishing the wrap time was longer.  Yet, that wish melts away, just as the excess Caviar Luxe body wrap does in a quick shower, because what comes next is nothing less than a decadent hour in heaven.

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The next phase of your Ultimate Indulgence is a La Prairie signature: a four-handed caviar massage. Not only does it sound decadent (and yes, it is real caviar mixed in there – used for its amazing restorative properties on the skin), nothing can even come close to how decadent it feels. The two therapists move in sync, circling your body, easing each and every muscle into a fabulous state of utter relaxation. The name Ultimate Indulgence almost doesn’t even do it justice.

We recommend you clear your evening after this absolutely unique treatment. Let the delicious feeling of having escaped into a luxurious realm for a few hours linger as long as it possibly can.

– Ava Fedorov

La Prairie Spa at The Ritz-Carlton Spa
50 Central Park S, New York, NY 10019
(212) 308-9100

Hours: 8am – 9:30pm, daily

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About La Prairie at The Ritz-Carlton Spa:

La Prairie is dedicated to keeping skin as young looking as possible, as long as possible, and the team at La Prairie works tirelessly to continuously introduce high-performance products that react, delay and intercept the aging of the skin.  We take great care to ensure La Prairie at The Ritz-Carlton Spa is a haven.   When you enter the world of La Prairie, you enter a world of luxury, pleasure and rejuvenation.  Here, you’ll find highly personalized service combined with highly advanced skincare products and treatments. Established in 2002, La Prairie at The Ritz-Carlton Spa is our first stateside spa and it is where you abandon your high-pressure life, and where the luxury of highly personalized service begins.

Details include:

  • Every locker is complete with a plush robe, wrap and towel, a pair of slippers, and a personal jewelry box.
  • A full selection of amenities are available as are La Prairie products for guests to use.
  • Should a guest wish to spend a few moments in the Relaxation Lounge before or after their service, an individual tray of light food and beverage assortment will be offered. We also offer complimentary beverages before or after each service whether that’s coffee, tea or a glass of Champagne.
  • Reading material consists of books (rather than magazines) focused on wellness, health, and poetry to promote relaxation.
  • For each guest’s comfort, every service can be performed in one room – from massages to facials to manicures and pedicures.
  • The treatment rooms are equipped with warming pads on each bed, extra blankets, individualized music selection and individual temperature control.
  • As for our spa team, we’ve hired only the best – we employ the most skilled and most highly trained technicians in the country.  All have extensive knowledge of La Prairie products, and the exclusively designed signature La Prairie treatments.