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Thrillist took its 5th Annual Best Day of Your Life celebration to Greenwich Village and the event started out as the WDOYL – the wettest day of your life. In order to navigate lower Manhattan you needed an XXL umbrella, a kayak and a prayer. That didn’t matter though: even with the torrential downpour, eager beavers traversed the neighborhood in search of fun at the “Thrillist approved” locations.

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BDOYL kicked things off at Le Poisson Rouge where guests checked in and got their passports, along with a little help from Chobani to get the day started off on the right foot. From there folks braved the rain and began on a journey that would either be a washout or let’s say it again, the best day of your life.

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We started our adventure with one thing in mind, food. We sloshed our way over to Bantam Bagels, a Shark Tank alumni that serves up bite size bagels packed with big flavors. The hot pretzel salt bagel stuffed with cheddar dijon cream cheese provided us with the sustenance we needed to schlep our umbrellas to the next stop, legendary underground bar Down the Hatch. Here Frank’s RedHot spiced things up with atomic wings and a ranch dressing fountain, a fantasy I never thought would come to fruition. I could have spent the rest of the day marveling at my favorite condiment being served in the most eloquent of ways. I’m not sure if it was me coming across the unicorn of ranches or the spice of the hot sauce, but I was ready to brave the rain again. As we emerged from the depths of the bar we came to find the heat of the sun hitting our skin. Miraculously the rain had stopped and we could seize the day with only mildly wet clothes.

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Once again in the mood for food, we did a drive by to Taco Shop where we scarfed down fresh chicken tinga tacos before popping next door to Tio Pepe. Like being transported to Spain, Flamenco dancers and a male singer entertained us as we tasted what I can only describe as a Spanish quiche and sipped on red sangria. We were so mesmerized by the performance that we spent nearly 20 minutes at this stop.

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Knowing that we only had so much time to get in as many passport stops as possible, we scurried out and made our way over to Seabird. This bistro meets club served refreshments like rosé, iced tea and lemonade, and menu items inspired by Chobani-infused original recipes like shrimp tacos and yogurt-crusted salmon. Chobani samples were on hand and people were taking advantage of this extra refuel.

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At Wicked Willy’s pirates greeted guests and served up Bahama Mama cocktails and beer. Drunk BDOYL-ers took to the stage for some Karaoke, though most of them deserved to walk the plank with their lack of singing skills. With no chance that the bad singing would end, we jumped ship and popped our heads into GMT where Ballast Point brews were being served in the British styled tavern. With only a limited amount of time left, we needed to make a quick decision on where our final stop should be. It was really a no brainer. On a daily basis the line to , the cookie dough confections shop, wraps around the block. Each BDOYL-er received a mini to-go container of the chocolate chip cookie dough so they could eat it on the spot or save their bounty for later.

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Like Cinderella at midnight, we headed back when the clock struck 4:00PM for two more hours of entertainment at the Le Poisson Rouge after party. Drinks were flowing (Ballast Point beer & Tito’s cocktails) and food was still aplenty with pizza and shaved cream from Snowdays. Special performer Holy Ghost, a Brooklyn based American Synthpop duo, closed out the party with a set that had us dancing with blow-up pool toys and soaking in the last precious moment of the Best Day of Your Life event. As the lights came on and guests filed out we could hear happy mumbles that this truly was an epic event and maybe just the Best Day of Your Life.

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The stops we didn’t make it to still deserve a shout out for opening their doors and helping to create the Best Day of Your Life:

  • 3 SHEETS SALOON – Participants were transported to a state fair, complete with fried foods, cotton candy, face painting, a photo station and fishbowl toss.
  • A.O.C. – Spa treatment with massages, a charging station, and spiked popsicles dipped in San Pellegrino, along with specialty spritzy cocktails.
  • BLUESTONE LANE – Cold brew to go
  • CHOMP CHOMP – Marinated chicken wings served up with chili vinegar and crispy garlic
  • LA NEWYORKINA – Refreshing popsicles
  • OFF THE WAGON – A beer and quick break from all the festivities.
  • PECULIAR PUB – Board games, berries and cream shots and beer

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– Lauren Wire

Photos via Thrillist and by Socially Superlative