Thrillist at Highbar (2)

Thrillist parties are notorious for being heavily attended with long lines.  The Spring bash was very different.  Held at Highbar, a rooftop space in Hell’s Kitchen, the party was low-key, unpretentious and not packed as I imagined it would be… that’s a good thing.

The bar was easy to access and if you didn’t want to leave your cabana, while watching the sunset, waitresses walked around with Smirnoff 100 drinks. The cupcakes from Baked by Melissa were also delicious.

I was also very excited because old school crooner Michael Arnella was performing.  I was introduced to Michael Arnella at Governor’s Island’s Jazz Age Lawn Party. (See video here:

The thing about Highbar is that you have to walk through a crazy “service entry” looking walkway. Thrillist tried to doll it up by posting funny signage and mannequins from Macy’s INC International Concept new line.

Lady DJ Kiss rounded out the night as the sun went down and the party rocked on.

Good job, Thrillist!  Until the next one…

– Melissa

Photos courtesy of Thrillist – for more images, visit:

 Thrillist at Highbar (3)