Staged at the Prince George Ballroom, Tia Cibani presented her fourth collection on February 5th. I was recently introduced to Tia Cibani’s work through a peer of mine and what she stated to me then was “Her work is very transitional.” That word can be interpreted in many ways.

I understand now what she means by stating that–after watching her past collections, I could see a series of adaptive stages. There is nothing like watching a new designer debuting their first collection and seeing how far they come! Good or bad, seasons change, the clientele either grows up or become younger, but the designer still have self learning/discovery to do. I find it fascinating from season to season.

tia-cibani12  tia-cibani16

This season she venture on a similar color palette during her S/S 13 days. I love the rich hues! Reminds me of early fall. This collection is giving me strong romantic vibes. I am calling this the Dark Romance novel collection. While I tend to favor a more top/skirt/jean combo, I like to give a gown a spin or twirl once in a blue moon.


– Christine Shepherd

Images from Giovanni Giannoni/WWD.com