Toni Francesc took the runway with beautiful, flowly blouses and dresses that gave us the imagery of breezy liquidity found in nature.  He called the setting an “Urban Forest,” using elements of nature in the neutral colors and the billowing, draping materials.

The designs may seem simple at first using solid fabrics, but there was a lot of intricate detailing in each piece, from straps that connect from the bottom hem to the shoulder, around the arm back down to the waist.  Ok, not that complicated and random, but there were great surprise elements that gave each piece a unique aspect.


To go with the nature theme, Toni Francesc collaborated with Nashelle Designs, and designer Heather created a collection of sculptural wooden jewelry, perfectly shaped to fit the countours of the body.  Not that I could pull it off, but it was a very neat look that meshed very well with Francesc’s runway designs.  The arm bands, collars, and chunky bracelets are very cool for the earthy types who want to make a big bold statement.


I didn’t really get these claw things that I guess are supposed to be rings?  I guess say that it’s a reflection the animalistic part of nature… but really, they’re a bit hard and jagged (and frankly super weird and impratical), and just really didn’t go with the rest of the show which was so smooth and calming.  Although it did reminded me of X-Men’s WolverineHugh Jackman, anyone??

Kelly Cutron of People’s Revolution was getting guests settled into their seats right before the show.  Although PR people are supposed to be behind the scenes, Cutron herself has become a star from her show Kell on Earth on Bravo. 

Also, does anyone know the name of the 10-year-old girl that all the press was following around??  Big-ass pink bow in her hair and a super sparkly sequinsed dress, chaparoned by like 15 cameras?  That was weird, and talk about a problematic diva in the making.

Anyway, while the mellow music matched the lovely gentle style of the runway outfits, I was hoping for a little bit more energy.  Especially since Toni Francesc himself is such a buoyant, energetic man who bounded out from backstage, curly hair flopping, and ran down the runway to give his thanks.  The 9:00 pm show was past my bedtime, and I really needed some thumping music to get me going! 

All in all, it was a great show with beautiful garments that I would gladly wear on a sunny summer day.


Photos via Shine Media PR